Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Monday, March 3, 2008

In a funk......

So, the last two weeks have not been great. My knee is still giving me issues and I am scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow (Tuesday). I haven't been doing great eating wise either. It's like I have really "gone on vacation" with the weight loss. I keep going up and down 2 pounds. I have barely been getting water in and I can really tell. I need to recommit to this journey!!!! Bathing suit weather is just around the corner---not saying I'll get in a bathing suit--but being 10 pounds lighter may make me feel better.

On the dog front....my mom soooo wants me to like this dog, but it's really hard when he pees on my carpet. Yes, twice now. It would be bad enough for my own pets to be doing this, but when it's someone else's, it just makes it all the more worse. I just can't understand her fascination with this dog----I have nicknamed his "TAZ" because he reminds me of the Tasmanian devil. When my cats come out, he freakin' goes wacko.

I thought having my mom here would be a great experience, and I still think it would be
without that damn dog. He is the disruption, not my mom. We are starting to rethink purchasing a condo for her (as an investment for us---and her paying us a small rental fee to live there). What if this dog destroys the condo---he already scratches at her bedroom door if he isn't crated. And god forbid----I couldn't stand it to walk in the place and smell "pet odor" from him having "accidents" on the carpet.

You'd think that with my job (remember---air traffic controller) that I'd be "used to" tons of stress. But I will take a busy day at work, than deal with the dog situation. BTW, have I told you all that I think I have a teenager living with me now. That's how I feel with her here. I am constantly using up my time to do the things she should be doing. She's a BIG procrastinator. She sleeps all the time. In fact, this past Sunday----16 hours of sleep----just like a teenager would do. ARGHHHH!!!!!

Sorry to rant.....hopefully I can get back on this w/l train!!!!