Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ONE MORE WEEK....and off to Margarita-ville

Not quite where I want to be weight wise. I went to my meeting yesterday (Tuesday) and lost another .6. It just wants to come off soooo slowly. We had one gal in the meeting that lost 5 pounds in one week. Well, that's all I have left time wise. ONE WEEK. I am going to work very hard this week to get off as much as I can before my trip. I fell a little short in my trip goal weight. BUT, working with my trainer, Michelle, for the past 7 weeks has really changed my body shape. I can definitely tell a huge difference in my upper arms, tummy (no more muffin top) and my legs.

She's also bumping up my workouts with her as well this week. I plan to get on that treadmill every day for the next 7 days. It will be nice to get away for a few days....free from Mom's divorce, kid-free, and hubby-free. Sometimes, it's just nice to get away from the stress of every day life.

So, an update on the divorce. The house sold-finally!!!! And there are two major things that need to be accomplished in the next couple of weeks. I need to make sure my mom has health insurance coverage before the grace period expires on the coverage she has under my dad's policy. And her payments from his retirement fund should be kicking in soon. After that, I will no longer have THAT stress in my life. What a relief that will be. It has been a LONG year dealing with this.


Here's to hoping for a great week for me and for all!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CBB (Cancun Birthday Bash---3 weeks and counting!!

So, 3 weeks from today. My workouts with my trainer seem to be paying off. I have not officially been to a WW meeting to w/in but at home I was 166.0. My mom has scheduled some surgeries 2 tuesdays in a row, and I have unfortuneatly missed 2 meetings.

So, my weeks have been CRAZY!!! Surgeries, my 40th birthday (ouch--it all goes downhill from now right? Metabolism gets slower---yeah, like that's what I need ---and even slower Metabolism!!!) I also have been planning my youngest's 5th birthday party. He wants an airplane cake.

We are bidding on days off for work. It's done by senority and I am #2 (out of 2 - ha ha) So next year instead of having Mondays and Tuesdays----I get one weekend day off---so excited that I will be able to spend one weekend day off with the hubby and boys. So, next year my days off will be Sundays and Mondays!!!

What else? On my mom's divorce----they got an offer on the house (the realtor took over anything that dealt with the sale of the house - agreed upon by both in mediation) My mom signed the offer letter, but my dad refused so the realtor signed for him anyway. He has to vacate within 2 weeks!!! She also found out (from the Pharmacist) that he had taken her off his medical insurance (which he wasn't supposed to do) He is a piece of work. I have never in my life disliked (and this is putting it nicely) anyone more than I dislike him.

I will be sooo glad when this whole business is done and over with. Can you believe that mediation was at the end of August and their divorce is still not finalized. Unbelievable!!!! The stress of this whole situation is getting to me. Sometimes, i feel like I am sooo overwhelmed with all this that I practically could jump right out of my skin. Enough about that!!!

Well, here's to a good week for me and you all --- and w/in next week!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A small loss

-.6 at w/in today---puts me at 167.4 and 12.4 pounds to go!!!! It was not what I had hoped for but my trainer, Michelle, said muscle weighs more that fat (we all know that right?---but it's still hard to fathom working soo hard for the last 2 and 1/2 weeks only got me .6).

So, my challenges this week are at trip to the mall Wednesday with my neighbor (and lunch out) and A GIRL'S NIGHT OUT (GNO) on Friday night. I will make good choices on both of these outings. You know CRUNCH TIME SJ!!!! I am at the 5 week mark on Thursday of this week and I need to make the next 5 weeks count for something.

My workout today was good but not great....I think I was down a little with the number on the scale and was a little behind the power curve during my workout. Friday I will concentrate on giving a little more during that 1/2 hour workout session. Maybe make up for the fact I wasn't on my game this morning.

Gonna go read some blogs!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost cried.....

So, I went to try on bathing suits (I now know after giving birth to two kids) that I need a bathing suit that has an underwire in the top section!!! So, I am in the dressing room with at least 10 bathing suits and they all look horrible. I have 5 weeks to get this body into shape and it's gonna be a lot of work. This is what procrastination has gotten me. I knew 4 months ago I would be putting this body into a bathing suit....and now it's down to crunch time.

I am usually very prompt on what I do in life, except for weight loss. I am sooo sick of my body looking like this. Frumpy, bumpy and lumpy!!! I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks now (last week the hubby and I went to Glenwood Springs and had a ball---alpine coaster, caves and rafting/kayaking), so I missed w/in last week b/c we were gone.

I w/in tomorrow (Tuesday) and I am anxiously waiting to see if my money spent with the trainer is paying off. I start my 3rd week with her today (this morning, an early morning work out.) She is kicking my butt, but the soreness actually feels good. So far it's been great---never the same workout. The last time she put pink boxing gloves on me, and I got to punch the hell out of the bag. Who's picture did I imagine on the bag? Yep, my dad's --but that is another story entirely, that I won't go into here.

So, I will post w/in results tomorrow....here's to hoping....

Friday, September 5, 2008

A quickie!!!

Been to the trainer twice now, and my third torture session is later on this afternoon. I have been extremely sore....this morning was the first time I could walk down the stairs without saying "ow...ow...ow" every step. She loves the lunges. And I don't. So, two more days of work and then the hubby and I are headed to Glenwood Springs for a few days without the kids. There are natural (smelly) hot springs there----that should do my muscles good if I can stand the stench. I didn't w/in Tues. I basically blew it off b/c of a headache. We will be away still for w/in this coming Tuesday. Anyway, an update for I don't know who....does anyone still read this?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A shocker...in my book!!

So, w/in was today and I was down .4. I am not sure how but I will take this gift with a huge smile. 168.0 and 13 pounds to go. I called my friend up today (she is a personal trainer---works out of her home) and we are getting together next Monday to come up with a plan that will get me into some semblence of shape by the end of October (Cancun Birthday Bash-CBB!!)

I am hoping to lose some of my middle flab---you know, what I call "cat gut". When I was home for the mediation, I met up with a friend of mine (Amanda was there too). My friend Angie has had 4 children (one set of twins who are now 3) but she looks fantastic. She has taken off a lot of weight and now teeters tween sizes 6 & 8. I am soooo jealous.

Maybe some motivation for myself. I mean I can't have her looking so great and me still all frumpy (my youngest is just about to turn 5--yikes!!)

All for now

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from Amanda's......and a couple pounds heavier!!!!

So, to catch up. Misty (Steve's girlfriend --now fiancee obviously said "YES!!"

We (my mom and I) flew back from INDY last night to find out that 3 tornados passed thru our town (south of Denver) and one came within 2 miles of our neighborhood. My mom settled her divorce through mediation (all day Thursday) and she came out pretty good---but now my other brother is pissed off at her and me (he won't return my phone calls and told my mom when he called her back Friday morning that "this would be last time he would talk to her". It's a long story that I won't go into here, but it's just sad. I am hoping time will really heal this.

I am glad to be back home---I have eaten out soooo much in the past 5 days!!!! Let's list it out...
Olive Garden
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Kabuto's (japenese steakhouse)
Olive Garden (again)
Cracker Barrel (didn't eat much here)

So, I am glad to get back and start eating like I was before leaving.

Definitely not looking forward to w/in tomorrow morning!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Small success.....but I'll take it.

W'd/in this morning and was DOWN .6 (not as much as I would have liked) but I will take a loss any day over a gain. This puts me at 167.8 which all I have to say is "yay!!!"

Here are my challanges this week. Workin' on Wednesday. Off on Thursday to pick my brothers up from the airport (with one girlfriend) and spend the rest of the day with them. Friday I plan to work 5 1/2 hours of my shift and be home by lunchtime. Picking up second girlfriend ---(and the one to be proposed to by my youngest bro) later in the evening (9ish).

Saturday, THE PROPOSAL HIKE and our celebration dinner that evening. Sunday, the "bride to be" (I hope she says YES) will fly out in the evening and then, Monday everyone else flies back too.

Tuesday, day of rest---BUT NOT QUITE---have to pack to leave for INDY the next morning----can you say "YIKES".

Busy Busy Week----I am going to try to do good---That's TRY. I know Saturday night won't be great seeing that I have already made a cake to bring to the restaurant with us. I will have to post a pix---I think that it didn't turn out too bad!!!

So long


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weigh in day (I say with a huge smile)

Drum roll please.....DOWN 1.6 pounds!!!!! I am now back in the 160's again (168.4). And I am soooo excited about this. I am going to have to be an angel this week though. Following this week my brothers and their girlfriends are flying out---you know for my youngest bro to propose to his love. I would love love love to see 166.9 before they get here.

The plan is....do great this week (which means lots of time on the treadmill) and writing every bite I eat down. Getting all my water in and not dip into too many flex points. THAT'S THE PLAN----HERE'S TO STICKIN' TO IT!!!!!

My brother is planning the hike to an awesome mountain lake and propose and then we are all going out to dinner to celebrate. Everyone will be gone by Monday the 18th in the evening....and my w/in day will be Tuesday morning----hoping just to maintain that week.

Then, Wednesday the 20th, my mom and I will be flying back to INDY for yes, you guessed it COURT! Well, she is being forced to mediate Thursday (which I believe will be short lived) and then the Final court date on Monday the 25th.

I will finally be able to see my BFF Amanda (you also know her as Strawgirl) and her new baby boy!!!! I am soooo excited---and keeping my fingers crossed that we actually get to go this time and not have the big let down of a court date gone bad (CDGB---lol you know like girls gone wild --GGW ha ha)

Anyway, I will be extremely busy this week ---exercising my ass off!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Such a LOSER!!!!

Yep....I lost. >>> 2 pounds <<< that is--- on my official first week after rejoining for the umpteenth time. I am hoping to see that number next week. I have decided to buy a bathing suit for motivation. I have checked at some of the stores in town, but it seems as though I missed the boat. I will sometime this week do some poking around on-line to see if I can find something. My weekend (Monday and Tuesday) has been extremely busy and my week is shaping up to be the same.

The weather out here in Colorado is going to be HOT!!!! the next few days. 100 tomorrow. It seems as if this summer has had more hot days than last. I am waiting til it gets back down in the 80's at least. My perfect day would be sunny in the mid 70's.

Anyway, starting the 2nd week today, and hoping to see another 2 pound loss. Then I will be back in the 160's.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now 90 days til Cancun Birthday Bash (CBB)

Only 90 more days to get smokin' hot. Yesterday went OP. And I am starting out the day today by proteining up for breakfast. My plan is to eat a larger meal at breakfast, then lunch and dinner will be lighter (4-5 pts.) On Wednesday's I meet up with the hubby for lunch---he loves Chipotle, so I decided to look up the nutritional facts on their food --YIKES. Without getting a burrito shell (in a bowl) I would use up 15 pts (or more) for lunch. Couldn't do it on my first day OP. So, we ended up at Subway, where I got the 6-inch veggie for 5 pts.

So, good choices my first day back and NOW ONLY 90 DAYS til CBB.

Is anyone else having problems with blogger and not being able to get the cool colors and text size??????

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So I did it!!!!

I joined (well rejoined) WW this morning...so all this week I will be accountable to someone! I will be w'ing/in on Tuesday morning (on the ww scale) instead of Wednesday mornings (on my scale). My official start weight today 172.0 (which is .2 down from last week).

Hopefully I will see some results next week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good....but not good enough

Well, w/in (Wednesday morning) wasn't terrible---I stayed the same. Which is somewhat dissappointing in my book. I did get on the scale this morning (thursday), and my water drinking must be paying off. I was down a bit 171.8 (-.4), but still not good enough. I decided then and there that I am sick of this. I need to start going back to meetings. The first one will be Tuesday morning of next week, and I will go rejoin.

I had two great WW leaders in the past, and I am hoping that I have another leader that gets me motivated to finally get these last annoying, frustrating pounds gone. I was looking at my calender and my 40th birthday bash in Cancun is only 90 some days away. Not long ago, I had triple digit time to get down to 155, now I am in the double digit days---and I am starting to get panicky! I lose extremely slow. I only have 3 months to accomplish this.

I have tried this week to bump up my protein intake, and back off on eating soooo many carbs. Yesterday, I was so busy in the morning that I wasn't able to fit in time to get on the treadmill. So, at 11:40pm last night when I got home from work, I had my mind made up that I would get in some exercise before midnight. I ended up with 25 min on the treadmill, 250 cal. burn.

Today, at work, I plan to walk the stairs. It will be good training for my 8 mile hike in September with the hubby.

So far today,

Eggs w/crumbled bacon and cheese-----5 points----by the way soooo sick of counting points.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The hike....

So, the news is that my youngest brother is flying out here to propose to his girlfriend. He will be coming out here the day before her to get things ready and he wanted us to find him a romantic, scenic, not well-traveled hike for him to bring a picnic lunch, wine and ring. So, here is a picture we took of the hike we did yesterday (my legs were killing me after we got back).

There are plenty of areas to put a blanket down, enjoy the view and POP THE QUESTION!!!!

They are planning the trip in mid-August!!! I am sooo excited, since I haven't seen them since x-mas last year.

W/I on Wednesday....keeping my fingers crossed (if I can get them crossed----still retaining water for some reason. My rings are really tight (which is not normal for me). I drank tons of water yesterday---made many trips to the loo!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not so good....

So eating hasn't been great the last two days. For some reason I feel extremely bloated. I plan to suck the water down the next few days and see if I can flush this bloatiness (is that even a word? I'm now making things up--spellcheck didn't like it either--lol) away.

I did work out today ----40 min. on the treadmill---400cal burn. Maybe, that will help too. We are tentatively planning on hiking somewhere near Idaho springs. If we do, I will post pix.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on the day.....

Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs, CO

So, I made it! 25 min. on the treadmill and 230 cal. burn---a little slower paced than normal---I like to get 10 cal/min burn but it' s the first time I've exercised is some time now, and I took it a little easier.

Look at this gorgeous view from the loft in our house----"lucky me" (a quote by Julia Roberts --the movie Nottingham)!!!

Finally----no headache

So, the four day marathon headache is gone. I went to the doctor yesterday as well as the chiropractor, and this morning I woke up better. This wasn't my normal migraine (yeah, normal). I had taken my migraine meds twice, and nothing.

So, I w'd/in this morning at 170.8. So, that's good. Down 1.4 since Monday. Now that I am feeling up to it....I will get on the treadmill this morning after I get Justin on the bus. I haven't been down there for a while now. I will probably start out at maybe 20 minutes and see how I feel, maybe more.

I have been bad about posting what I eat (okay, not posting at all---but now that the headache is gone, I will do my best to get that in. Today, I start my work week. A little modified (possibly) b/c on Saturday I have to get online and check to see if I need to appear for Jury duty (yuck!!!!)

I've had to do this only once before, and it sucked! So, if my number is listed online Saturday, I will have to go down to the courthouse on Monday morning. I usually have Monday's off, so work graciously gave me Sunday off, in exchange they put me as an admin. day on Monday to cover for jury duty (if I have to serve). If I don't (keeping fingers crossed), I will go back to my schedule as if it never changed and work Sunday morning.

Here's to hoping NO JURY DUTY AND NO THUNDERSTORMS TONIGHT (for work that is, it makes my job that much harder!)

Gonna go poke around at everyone's blogs..................

Monday, July 7, 2008

So the W/IN

172.2....which I am up .2 from the last time I w'd/in 3 weeks ago. So, considering 4th of July and the Birthday party, not good, but not tooo bad. I plan to post what I eat today later in an update. Still deciding whether to go to the meeting tomorrow morning---I still have 3 passes to use, so I would only have to pay for registration (yet again---they have gotten so much money from me on going back time and time again---this is my hesitation on going.)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally time to post.....thanks for asking guys!!!

That's is --- inquiring minds want to know...MissJuly and Tallmama (thanks for getting me back accountable)

So, camping in Aspen was great. We did some slow (b/c Mom came with us) hiking. Tent camped and had dinner and S'mores by campfire. YUM. I came back not gaining (or losing?) a thing, so that was good.

The last week or so haven't been great --- kinda up and down the same 2 pounds. I have made it thru the big BLOCK party for the 4th and my 8 year old's BIRTHDAY party (yesterday) and am now in the mindset to BUCKLE DOWN get this thing done! I have even given some thought to going back and joining WW and be accountable to someone. For the next 2-3 months, NO big major events----no b/d parties, no anniversaries and no significant holidays to worry thru!

So, the hubby and I have agreed to cease eating out for a month, since this seems to cause me (and him) to throw away any sense of eating good while we are out. We have also agreed to do "the not eating after dinner thing too". This has always been hard for me, b/c for some reason, I feel the need to do mindless snacking before going to bed.

I am planning on posting, daily, my food journal to keep me accountable and will make the decision on whether I will join WW by tommorrow evening. W/I would be Tuesday mornings. I dug up my old membership book and it was about a year ago when I went to a WW meeting. Suprisingly enough, my last OFFICIAL W/IN wasn't far off from what I weigh now. I don't know if that's good or bad. Thinking negatively--in a year I haven't budged the scale, thinking positively----I haven't gained anything in a year!!!

As, I am finishing this post up, it is 1am on "monday" and I am now feeling better from a horrendous headache---the kind that after taking my migraine meds (it took a while this time for the meds to kick in for some reason) finally went away. The dog just woke me up (after taking a nap after I got home from work, and going to bed around 7pm). He needed to "go". So, now I am wide awake, and it's 1:15am-------YIKES!!

My oldest tracks back on to school later today (monday) which is okay with me....he seems to be needing to get back to school with friends. I now have a second grader.

All I know for now, and I will try to post daily (at least what I am putting in my PIE HOLE)!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fessin' up...

So I got on the dreaded scale today, and it wasn't pretty. I am back up in the 170's --172.0 that is. So I gained quite a bit in my quest for sweets. I am rather bummed, discouraged, you name it. I am back to my work-week and trust me, I don't wanna go.

We (me, hubby, 2 boys and my mom) are headed to Aspen on Sunday to do some "car" camping--drive up to campsite and pitch tent). We are going to do some hiking while we are there--bonus activity points. I just hope it's not that hot in the mountains. It is supposed to be near 90 in Denver over the weekend---it's now time to turn on the air-conditioner.

So, now the countdown starts again---I wasn't going to tell anyone at home when Mom's newest court date was set for, but I can't keep this to myself. It's August 4th, which means my new and improved mini goal of getting back down to 165.0 is only 44 days from now--to lose 7 pounds in a little over 6 weeks.

I am going to buckle down and at least get there. I've just got to realize that life happens (camping, oldest son turns 8 --two birthday parties--, Saturday night out with the girls--dinner and a movie, Fourth of July block party, and so on). Hopefully I actually learn not to turn a one incident (big big ice cream cone) into a 2 week eating spree.

All I know for now

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A quickie.....

I need a kick in the pants....I have been stress eating for days now and am feeling the effects of it. Clothes are definitely getting tighter. Ice cream has become my friend the last few days. On Sunday, one of my co-workers brought up to me in the tower---a huge mint choc. chip waffle cone. Let me tell you, this cone was filled to the brim with ice cream. I am guessing I ate at least 5 scoops and the cone---the real stuff too, not light/low-fat. It was handed to me and I ate the entire thing. Not really thinking about what I was doing. And of course, afterwards, reality set in and I realized "I ATE THE WHOLE THING" *&(^^$%$!!!!!!

Anyway, I have not w'd/in....TOO SCARED OF WHAT "HE" WILL TELL ME. I know I am up.

I need a kick in the pants, girls.....I'm waiting!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


So, court's a no-go.....I am sooo disappointed. I had made several plans with family and friends when we flew home for Mom's court date and now I can kiss those good-bye. Amanda and I were supposed to see SEX IN THE CITY and I am bummed that I won't be going home.

This is so frustrating. I can't imagine what this feels like to my mom (well, in fact I kinda do....she called me angry, then sad---she was crying b/c she just wants this divorce to go thru and be done with it). Anyway, she got it off her chest and is in a better frame of mind.

All I know for now---other than I have been stress eating the last two days----which is NOT good!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

W/I results....

So, I am down a bit 168.8......which was only .6. But I guess I will take a little loss rather than a gain. I was soooo hoping for a bigger number. But, such is life.....

This morning my mom and I will be "taking a meeting" by phone with her lawyer. She is supposed to go to court next Wednesday and we don't know if the date is still good. I am hoping that we finally get this thing done and over with. We are on our 4th continuance since January. I am not keeping much hope that this thing will take place.

If it does, I finally get to see my BFF and her new baby----http://strawgirl--mylifeinablog.blogspot.com/. I am trying not to get too excited just in case the date falls thru. The only problem is when we get together, I do bad eating-wise. You know all the eating out and such.

So, I don't have a expectations now that I am going to lose 3.8 more pounds before Sunday (which I wanted before I left for INDY)--- it would be a miracle if that happened. BTW, I did get up and got on the treadmill this morning....32:30 min/350 cal burn. And I plan to visit the airport gym today (this evening) to do my weight lifting circuit!

Catch ya later

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have some READER(S)....

Yay!!! I am so excited that I have 3 readers---yep, plural.

So, W/in is tomorrow. I am hoping I see a loss---crosses fingers!

I got on the treadmill this morning....remember if I don't exercise in the first 2 hours of my day, I usually will find some excuse not to.

So, here was my conversation with myself while snoozing the alarm this morning:

First time alarm goes off--"Oh crap it's early...." hits snooze button.

Second time alarm goes off-- "Okay, one more snooze and I will get up. I need to exercise" ----- -hits snooze button for the second time.

Third time alarm goes off---"ahh, I will exercise later after my haircut and grocery shopping"---hits snooze button for the third time.

Okay, a few minutes go by, and I am actually having a discussion in my brain...."get your ass up and get on the treadmill". " But I don't want to---it's not fun!" "You'll feel so much better after you sweat" "OH, OKAY!!!!"

I shut off the alarm, get up, put tennis shoes on, and head to the basement with IPOD and water in hand. 32 minutes later, I have a 340 cal burn and my decision to exercise has paid off...I bound up the stairs a little proud of myself for sticking to it.

Off to see what everyone else has going on!!!!

Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A evening at work....

So my day is finally over! Work was work---thunderstorms plagued us out east of Denver....so if you got delayed, it wasn't because it was an ATC delay----blame it on the weather.

Today went pretty good eating-wise. I got on the treadmill this morning for 35 min./325 cal. burn. But here is the OUTRAGEOUS thing...Denver International Airport has a wellness center and I went and checked it out today before work. It is small but has everything you'd need for a good workout. And, the kicker, only $90.00 for a year membership!!! Not $900.00 but $90.00 for a whole entire year!!! that's less than $2.00 a week.....needless to say, I joined and spent about 40 min. using the universal weights after I got off work tonight.

I will probably only go 2 -3 times per week, just to work out on the universal weight circuit they have set up---just to tone my flab. They have plenty of cardio equipment, but I'd rather do that at home (where I can watch or listen to what I want).

Anyway, hopefully in a few months I will be able to see a difference in the flab factor!

All I know


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

W/in results.....

So, I got on the scale this morning, and walked away with a small smile on my face. 169.2--which I will gladly take considering I was cooking for extra people for the last few days. So, I am down .6 pounds from last week and I am only 4.2 pounds away from my mini goal (165.0) by June 8th. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this final court date actually takes place.

I haven't been "home" since Christmas, and I am needing that "fix" of seeing my family and friends. It's been extremely frustrating thinking I'm going home and then Mom's court date being continued time and time again.

I did get on the treadmill yesterday 35 min / 315 cal. burn. I have noticed that if I don't make the effort exercise within the first 2 hours of me getting up, I won't do it. And I am at that point now. So, I need to finish this and go EXERCISE!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whew....made it thru the visit!!!

So, it's Tuesday morning and the IL's have headed back east. I jumped on the scale to see how "bad" I had done and was actually surprised to see 169.6----which means I was down .2. But, I have this theory about my body and the scale. It usually take 2 days for my horrendous eating spree to catch up to the number on the scale. So, we'll see tomorrow what the scale says for the official weekly w/in.

I am planning on getting on the treadmill as soon as I finish this post. Yesterday, I managed to put in 35 min on the treadmill and burn 300 calories. I am hoping to do around the same time, but increase that calorie burn.

The hubby and I are planning on seeing IRONMAN this evening, but will insist we eat at home and not splurge on popcorn. This will be tough---I love movie popcorn.

My oldest is "off-track" from school for 6 weeks. In our county (in Colorado) we have year round school. So, for the most part the kids go to school for 9 weeks and then track "off" for 3 weeks....and so on for the entire year. My son just finished 1st grade and has a longer period off for the summer break and in 6 weeks will start 2nd grade. He is all nutty because he doesn't have to go to school for a while. I'm sure I will be "NUTTY" real soon. -lol

Anyway, I'd better get on the treadmill before I lose all motivation to get on it at all!!!

Check in tomorrow with the official "NUMBER" from the scale.

I only have 12 days to get 4.6 pounds gone.....can I do it??

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The IL's are in town....

So, my in-laws just got into town yesterday (south of Denver, CO). They don't fly, so they drove two days to get here. I have done that drive twice (actually 2 1/2 time--for the most part). Once, when we moved the kids, animals, and ourselves out here in 2006. Once, one-way when I flew out to drive my mom out here, and then the last time to meet my youngest bro to get my mom's dog---we met in Vandalia, IL, slept for 2 hours and then drove back.

I plan to never do that drive again....it's way to long, way to monotonous, and I'd rather fly and use 4 1/2 hours of my time instead of 17 hours!!!!! I think it is CRAZY talk to drive out here to visit but who am I to say (I've only done it once to many times in my lifetime).

Anyway, so dinner wasn't great last night. My mom insists on always bringing ice cream to my house (just as a dessert, honey!) I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!! It's hard for me to resist....no, IMPOSSIBLE to resist. So, I didn't do great last night.

I am still aiming for at least 2 pounds this week, though! It's gonna be tough. The IL's leave out Thursday morning, so that will be my entire w/in week. Gotta get to work---yes, it is 4:06 in the morning and I am up at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday!!

So long for now my faithful readers (I think I still have one---thanks, Miss July!!!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well it's been quite some time.....have you ever quit going to WW meetings and when you decide you have to go back, you won't b/c you've gained some of your weight back and then you don't go back until you get the gain back off (did that make any sense????)

Well, I've decided to start blogging again even though I've put on a few....I w'd/in this morning and the scale read 169.8. So, I am up a bit (which I already knew). My lowest was 165.2 and I am hoping to be back there real soon.

So, an update. Knee is better (still sore sometimes and if I tweak it a bit (lots of pain)). My mom and dog moved out and are living in an apartment across town. Final court date for her divorce is set the second week of June (April court date did not happen and was continued til the June date). We'll see. If this one gets continued, I am going to tell my mom to fire this chick and hire someone more competent. If we get to go home, I will get to see my BFF (http://strawgirl--mylifeinablog.blogspot.com/) remember---she just had a baby!!!

So, now the w/l thing....I now have new motivation (I hope). I have a group of girls that I graduated from high school with that are all turning 40 --yikes--and we are going to celebrate in October by taking a trip to Cancun. The two girls already booked are super skinny and I would feel much better about myself in a bathing suit (next to them) if I got these last 15 pounds off.

So, again, I approach this challenge in BABY STEPS. Five pounds---3 times/5 pounds x 3/3 "steps" of 5. I have until October to get this done. That's an average of 3 pounds a month. Simple right? We'll see.

I do have a short term mini-goal...that is to get back down to 165 by the time we leave to go home June 8th. It doesn't give me much time to do this but (and that's a BIG but) I am starting my work week today and I usually do better during my work week than on the weekends. I am planning (and have been for 1 day) to write every bite. Drink all my water. And get some form of exercise every day. I have broken out the pilates dvd -- I think it actually had dust on it.

So, mini-goal by June 8th *****lose 4.8 pounds in 17 days ******ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!


Monday, March 3, 2008

In a funk......

So, the last two weeks have not been great. My knee is still giving me issues and I am scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow (Tuesday). I haven't been doing great eating wise either. It's like I have really "gone on vacation" with the weight loss. I keep going up and down 2 pounds. I have barely been getting water in and I can really tell. I need to recommit to this journey!!!! Bathing suit weather is just around the corner---not saying I'll get in a bathing suit--but being 10 pounds lighter may make me feel better.

On the dog front....my mom soooo wants me to like this dog, but it's really hard when he pees on my carpet. Yes, twice now. It would be bad enough for my own pets to be doing this, but when it's someone else's, it just makes it all the more worse. I just can't understand her fascination with this dog----I have nicknamed his "TAZ" because he reminds me of the Tasmanian devil. When my cats come out, he freakin' goes wacko.

I thought having my mom here would be a great experience, and I still think it would be
without that damn dog. He is the disruption, not my mom. We are starting to rethink purchasing a condo for her (as an investment for us---and her paying us a small rental fee to live there). What if this dog destroys the condo---he already scratches at her bedroom door if he isn't crated. And god forbid----I couldn't stand it to walk in the place and smell "pet odor" from him having "accidents" on the carpet.

You'd think that with my job (remember---air traffic controller) that I'd be "used to" tons of stress. But I will take a busy day at work, than deal with the dog situation. BTW, have I told you all that I think I have a teenager living with me now. That's how I feel with her here. I am constantly using up my time to do the things she should be doing. She's a BIG procrastinator. She sleeps all the time. In fact, this past Sunday----16 hours of sleep----just like a teenager would do. ARGHHHH!!!!!

Sorry to rant.....hopefully I can get back on this w/l train!!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So to catch up....last week (monday and tuesday) the family went on a mini-vacay to Copper Mountain. The first day we were there we went tubing. Yes, even my 62 year old mom went. We had a blast. The next day I tried snowboarding for the first time and got my ass kicked by the mountain. I was on my backside more than I was on my feet.

So, for the past week now my body has been so sore (and in places that don't make quite much sense to me too!!!) But the kicker, the night we got back, after tucking both boys into bed, my knee gave out (of all place, on my stairs) and I took a mighty tumble and heard something pop in my left knee.

I have tried to wait it out, to see if it will heal on it's own....but now it is a constant dull throb. Doc visit coming tomorrow, if I can get in. I have been trying to slowly workout on the treadmill 20 min at a time...who knows maybe this is aggravating it?

Anyway, I managed to gain 2.4 pounds while we were gone---only 2 days---how sad!!!! I will officially w/in tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to putting that number in, though.

So, on the dog front....Killer is now a "Kill it"!!! lol ha ha. De-balled about 2 weeks ago. We've gotten him a bark collar---which some would say is cruel and unusual punishment. But if you could hear how much this dog barks and growls (especially at my boys and cats), you'd do it too!!

So, onto the Mom's divorce....yet another set back. We were supposed to fly back to INDY in less than two weeks from today, and her lawyer called and said she didn't have all of my dad's retirement info and that she'd have to asked for a continuance (once again). Remember, she was supposed to go to court Jan. 28th, but that date got postponed til March 10th....and now I am assuming 6 more weeks, so now we're talking the end of April.

But the end of April would put me back home to see a new born baby---STRAWGIRL'S that is. So, maybe it's not a bad thing....I'd rather her lawyer have all the info to fight for what my mom deserves!!!

Anyway, here's to healing my hurt body!!!!



Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm almost there!!!!! First mini goal that is.....

.6 away from my first mini-goal of 165.0. However, I have now lost my first 5 pounds (remember I am doing this in baby steps and thinking of my weight loss in 5 pound increments.... only 2 more to go----that is 5 more pounds, two more times.)
So, that's the good news on the w/l front....

Now, getting on to my life with the "dog from hell". Constant barking, he's a jumper, he chases my two cats around, and he's had two accidents on my fairly new carpet!!!! We also purchased an area rug, and he's been digging his claws into it and pulling up carpet fibers. This area rug wasn't cheap either. I am going Crazy!!!!!! The dog isn't neutered YET, but very soon.
You know, I wouldn't mind taking in a dog that behaves, but I think under the circumstances of how bad this dog acts, my mom asking us to put up with "KILLER" is a lot to ask of us!!!
I know dogs end up as part of one's family, my two cats and my dog mean the world to me, but they also behave.

Maybe all the stress of having the "DEVIL DOG" and my mom living here is making me not eat so much or something. B/C, I certainly have not exercised in probably 3 1/2 weeks now and somehow the weight is still coming off----go figure?????

All I know for now,


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An update.....then I will go lurk!!!

So, last weekend I spent a ton of hours driving cross country with my mom to meet my youngest bro---TO GET HER DOG!!! The dog's name is Simon---a miniture pincher, but I've nicknamed him "KILLER" or better yet, my brother renamed him "DEVIL DOG".

So, here's the story....Friday, I work a loooong day shift at the tower and go home with a mighty headache (day one of my migraine). I go to bed early and sleep, well, rather shitty. Saturday morning, I go to work at the butt-crack of dawn (headache still a blazen'---day 2) and stick it out for the rest of my shift.

My mom comes to pick me up from Denver International Airport (for those of you that don't know, I work at the tower as an air traffic controller) at 1:45pm. We start on the road at that time and head east to Illinois (I'm driving b/c it would take us a week to get there if my mom would drive---I bring radar detector and speed pretty much the entire way).

We get to our destination (Vandalia, IL) at 4:00 in the morning---yes, I said 4am---I have driven almost 1000 miles in 14 some hours. We get a hotel and crash. My brother, meanwhile, has left Indianapolis and is traveling west (with "KILLER") to meet us in Illinois. I tell him, "the earlier, the better" so we can get back on the road and get back home. BTW, still have headache!

At six o'clock ----yes, 2 hours later, my brother calls to tell me he is 1 hour away and "btw, you'll never guess what just happened!!!" (some background info--my brother has never had luck with cars. long story long---his blazer wouldn't start the day before and he has borrowed his girlfriend's car to get "KILLER" to us). So, it's dark, and he is in the passing lane, passing a Semi, and in the middle of his lane is a spare tire that another Semi has "lost" and he runs right over the damn thing (now I'm talking wheel, tire, and all).

After getting his heart out of his throat, he has to stop and rip off part of the front bumper b/c it is dragging.....needless to say major damage is done to the car ----over $2000.00 worth. He was pretty upset about the whole thing, but I told him the car can be fixed---he's just lucky he didn't roll the car, or swerve into oncoming traffic.

So, anyway, we finally meet up and get "KILLER" into my mom's car, and off we go (it's 7am). Back west on I70---1000 miles to go. We end up back home at 10pm (yes, that's 10PM). I am pooped and it takes me 2 days to recover b/c while all this is going on, I'm coming down with a cold. (headache's finally gone, btw)

So, long story long, I ate a WHOPPER (with mayo) and french fries on the way back home and I got on the scale and I had a LOSS----go figure??? 166.8. Ten more pounds and I think I will be back into size 10. Who'd a thunk it?

Sorry so long winded


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A loss....yippee!!!

So a loss!!! Down 1.4---168.0. 3 pounds til my mini goal--which you remember was 5 pound increments. This weight loss still includes some from when I was sick. My appetite finally came back with a vengence a couple of days ago and I am definitely making up for lost time.

I still have some chest congestion which seems to be a "good" excuse for me not getting back into an exercise routine on the treadmill. I am going to make every effort tomorrow morning to get on it, even if it's for 20 min. to slowly start back up.

BTW, did I mention it is freakin' freezing here...try 8 degrees on my way home from work tonight---with the wind chill, I guess somewhere BELOW freezing.

My mom's final divorce hearing is going to be delayed....probably upwards of 2 months. Her lawyer heard it in my voice when we talked to her today, that I'm pretty displeased with this...but, she said she hasn't gotten all the financial stuff from my dad and she wants to go into court prepared to fight tooth and nail to get my mom what she deserves. So now we sit and wait.

So, anyway, things have been crazy since the beginning of the new year....trying to get settled into a routine with my mom now living with us.

One final note....I guess I decided it was a good idea to practically take off my driver's side mirror today as I was backing my car into the garage. My attention was on not hitting my mom's car (which always seems to be parked in the wrong spot in the driveway) and CRASH!!! Crap!!! there goes a perfectly good mirror.

All I know for now...


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sadness, Sickness, and a Nuisance

So, the sadness---I received the news that my aunt that lives in New Hampshire past away and attended her funeral back home in Indy this past Saturday. She was an awesome aunt....she crocheted (sp?) both my boys' blankees...she will be greatly missed.

The sickness---been sick since leaving Indy Saturday night---it hit me like a ton of bricks on the flight back to Colorado with my mom. I have been out from work since I left for the funeral and I still feel like crap.

The nuisance---While all of this has been occurring---guess who came to visit---yep TOM!!!

I did jump on the scale this morning and I was down----1.4----169.4. So yippee for me right now. I well expect this not to hold as soon as my appetite picks up again.

So that's it in a nutshell!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007- A year in review.....

So, a look back in time....finally got my mom out of Indiana and moved in with us here in Colorado. I finished all of my training at the tower and am settled in as one of three Traffic Management Coordinator's at the fifth busiest airport in the nation. We moved into a nice house in a great neighborhood and we are getting to know those around us--time will tell whether "great" friends come out of this.

On the weight loss and exercise front---I am doing much better than right after the holidays last year. I started the year (year 2007) at 184.something, and finished off the year at 170.8. This, remember, was my attempt at a "controlled" gain while I was home visiting family and friends just before Christmas. I weighed-in before going at 168.4 and I came back weighing 170.8. So my gain over the holidays-----2.4. I think "NOT BAD!!!"

So in a nutshell -----weight loss for 2007 around 14 pounds. I say "NOT TOO SHABBY!" If I do that this year, I will be at goal. So here's to a new fresh start at weight loss this year.....baby steps. I will attack it in 5 pound increments. 5 pounds, only 3 times. Maybe next year, this same time, I will be typing that I finally made it to goal---155 (oh how I'd love to do that!!!)

Let's everyone get back with it now that the holiday season is over!!!!! BTW,

Happy New Year!!!!!