Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Such a LOSER!!!!

Yep....I lost. >>> 2 pounds <<< that is--- on my official first week after rejoining for the umpteenth time. I am hoping to see that number next week. I have decided to buy a bathing suit for motivation. I have checked at some of the stores in town, but it seems as though I missed the boat. I will sometime this week do some poking around on-line to see if I can find something. My weekend (Monday and Tuesday) has been extremely busy and my week is shaping up to be the same.

The weather out here in Colorado is going to be HOT!!!! the next few days. 100 tomorrow. It seems as if this summer has had more hot days than last. I am waiting til it gets back down in the 80's at least. My perfect day would be sunny in the mid 70's.

Anyway, starting the 2nd week today, and hoping to see another 2 pound loss. Then I will be back in the 160's.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now 90 days til Cancun Birthday Bash (CBB)

Only 90 more days to get smokin' hot. Yesterday went OP. And I am starting out the day today by proteining up for breakfast. My plan is to eat a larger meal at breakfast, then lunch and dinner will be lighter (4-5 pts.) On Wednesday's I meet up with the hubby for lunch---he loves Chipotle, so I decided to look up the nutritional facts on their food --YIKES. Without getting a burrito shell (in a bowl) I would use up 15 pts (or more) for lunch. Couldn't do it on my first day OP. So, we ended up at Subway, where I got the 6-inch veggie for 5 pts.

So, good choices my first day back and NOW ONLY 90 DAYS til CBB.

Is anyone else having problems with blogger and not being able to get the cool colors and text size??????

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So I did it!!!!

I joined (well rejoined) WW this morning...so all this week I will be accountable to someone! I will be w'ing/in on Tuesday morning (on the ww scale) instead of Wednesday mornings (on my scale). My official start weight today 172.0 (which is .2 down from last week).

Hopefully I will see some results next week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good....but not good enough

Well, w/in (Wednesday morning) wasn't terrible---I stayed the same. Which is somewhat dissappointing in my book. I did get on the scale this morning (thursday), and my water drinking must be paying off. I was down a bit 171.8 (-.4), but still not good enough. I decided then and there that I am sick of this. I need to start going back to meetings. The first one will be Tuesday morning of next week, and I will go rejoin.

I had two great WW leaders in the past, and I am hoping that I have another leader that gets me motivated to finally get these last annoying, frustrating pounds gone. I was looking at my calender and my 40th birthday bash in Cancun is only 90 some days away. Not long ago, I had triple digit time to get down to 155, now I am in the double digit days---and I am starting to get panicky! I lose extremely slow. I only have 3 months to accomplish this.

I have tried this week to bump up my protein intake, and back off on eating soooo many carbs. Yesterday, I was so busy in the morning that I wasn't able to fit in time to get on the treadmill. So, at 11:40pm last night when I got home from work, I had my mind made up that I would get in some exercise before midnight. I ended up with 25 min on the treadmill, 250 cal. burn.

Today, at work, I plan to walk the stairs. It will be good training for my 8 mile hike in September with the hubby.

So far today,

Eggs w/crumbled bacon and cheese-----5 points----by the way soooo sick of counting points.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The hike....

So, the news is that my youngest brother is flying out here to propose to his girlfriend. He will be coming out here the day before her to get things ready and he wanted us to find him a romantic, scenic, not well-traveled hike for him to bring a picnic lunch, wine and ring. So, here is a picture we took of the hike we did yesterday (my legs were killing me after we got back).

There are plenty of areas to put a blanket down, enjoy the view and POP THE QUESTION!!!!

They are planning the trip in mid-August!!! I am sooo excited, since I haven't seen them since x-mas last year.

W/I on Wednesday....keeping my fingers crossed (if I can get them crossed----still retaining water for some reason. My rings are really tight (which is not normal for me). I drank tons of water yesterday---made many trips to the loo!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not so good....

So eating hasn't been great the last two days. For some reason I feel extremely bloated. I plan to suck the water down the next few days and see if I can flush this bloatiness (is that even a word? I'm now making things up--spellcheck didn't like it either--lol) away.

I did work out today ----40 min. on the treadmill---400cal burn. Maybe, that will help too. We are tentatively planning on hiking somewhere near Idaho springs. If we do, I will post pix.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on the day.....

Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs, CO

So, I made it! 25 min. on the treadmill and 230 cal. burn---a little slower paced than normal---I like to get 10 cal/min burn but it' s the first time I've exercised is some time now, and I took it a little easier.

Look at this gorgeous view from the loft in our house----"lucky me" (a quote by Julia Roberts --the movie Nottingham)!!!

Finally----no headache

So, the four day marathon headache is gone. I went to the doctor yesterday as well as the chiropractor, and this morning I woke up better. This wasn't my normal migraine (yeah, normal). I had taken my migraine meds twice, and nothing.

So, I w'd/in this morning at 170.8. So, that's good. Down 1.4 since Monday. Now that I am feeling up to it....I will get on the treadmill this morning after I get Justin on the bus. I haven't been down there for a while now. I will probably start out at maybe 20 minutes and see how I feel, maybe more.

I have been bad about posting what I eat (okay, not posting at all---but now that the headache is gone, I will do my best to get that in. Today, I start my work week. A little modified (possibly) b/c on Saturday I have to get online and check to see if I need to appear for Jury duty (yuck!!!!)

I've had to do this only once before, and it sucked! So, if my number is listed online Saturday, I will have to go down to the courthouse on Monday morning. I usually have Monday's off, so work graciously gave me Sunday off, in exchange they put me as an admin. day on Monday to cover for jury duty (if I have to serve). If I don't (keeping fingers crossed), I will go back to my schedule as if it never changed and work Sunday morning.

Here's to hoping NO JURY DUTY AND NO THUNDERSTORMS TONIGHT (for work that is, it makes my job that much harder!)

Gonna go poke around at everyone's blogs..................

Monday, July 7, 2008

So the W/IN

172.2....which I am up .2 from the last time I w'd/in 3 weeks ago. So, considering 4th of July and the Birthday party, not good, but not tooo bad. I plan to post what I eat today later in an update. Still deciding whether to go to the meeting tomorrow morning---I still have 3 passes to use, so I would only have to pay for registration (yet again---they have gotten so much money from me on going back time and time again---this is my hesitation on going.)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally time to post.....thanks for asking guys!!!

That's is --- inquiring minds want to know...MissJuly and Tallmama (thanks for getting me back accountable)

So, camping in Aspen was great. We did some slow (b/c Mom came with us) hiking. Tent camped and had dinner and S'mores by campfire. YUM. I came back not gaining (or losing?) a thing, so that was good.

The last week or so haven't been great --- kinda up and down the same 2 pounds. I have made it thru the big BLOCK party for the 4th and my 8 year old's BIRTHDAY party (yesterday) and am now in the mindset to BUCKLE DOWN get this thing done! I have even given some thought to going back and joining WW and be accountable to someone. For the next 2-3 months, NO big major events----no b/d parties, no anniversaries and no significant holidays to worry thru!

So, the hubby and I have agreed to cease eating out for a month, since this seems to cause me (and him) to throw away any sense of eating good while we are out. We have also agreed to do "the not eating after dinner thing too". This has always been hard for me, b/c for some reason, I feel the need to do mindless snacking before going to bed.

I am planning on posting, daily, my food journal to keep me accountable and will make the decision on whether I will join WW by tommorrow evening. W/I would be Tuesday mornings. I dug up my old membership book and it was about a year ago when I went to a WW meeting. Suprisingly enough, my last OFFICIAL W/IN wasn't far off from what I weigh now. I don't know if that's good or bad. Thinking negatively--in a year I haven't budged the scale, thinking positively----I haven't gained anything in a year!!!

As, I am finishing this post up, it is 1am on "monday" and I am now feeling better from a horrendous headache---the kind that after taking my migraine meds (it took a while this time for the meds to kick in for some reason) finally went away. The dog just woke me up (after taking a nap after I got home from work, and going to bed around 7pm). He needed to "go". So, now I am wide awake, and it's 1:15am-------YIKES!!

My oldest tracks back on to school later today (monday) which is okay with me....he seems to be needing to get back to school with friends. I now have a second grader.

All I know for now, and I will try to post daily (at least what I am putting in my PIE HOLE)!