Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So to catch up....last week (monday and tuesday) the family went on a mini-vacay to Copper Mountain. The first day we were there we went tubing. Yes, even my 62 year old mom went. We had a blast. The next day I tried snowboarding for the first time and got my ass kicked by the mountain. I was on my backside more than I was on my feet.

So, for the past week now my body has been so sore (and in places that don't make quite much sense to me too!!!) But the kicker, the night we got back, after tucking both boys into bed, my knee gave out (of all place, on my stairs) and I took a mighty tumble and heard something pop in my left knee.

I have tried to wait it out, to see if it will heal on it's own....but now it is a constant dull throb. Doc visit coming tomorrow, if I can get in. I have been trying to slowly workout on the treadmill 20 min at a time...who knows maybe this is aggravating it?

Anyway, I managed to gain 2.4 pounds while we were gone---only 2 days---how sad!!!! I will officially w/in tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to putting that number in, though.

So, on the dog front....Killer is now a "Kill it"!!! lol ha ha. De-balled about 2 weeks ago. We've gotten him a bark collar---which some would say is cruel and unusual punishment. But if you could hear how much this dog barks and growls (especially at my boys and cats), you'd do it too!!

So, onto the Mom's divorce....yet another set back. We were supposed to fly back to INDY in less than two weeks from today, and her lawyer called and said she didn't have all of my dad's retirement info and that she'd have to asked for a continuance (once again). Remember, she was supposed to go to court Jan. 28th, but that date got postponed til March 10th....and now I am assuming 6 more weeks, so now we're talking the end of April.

But the end of April would put me back home to see a new born baby---STRAWGIRL'S that is. So, maybe it's not a bad thing....I'd rather her lawyer have all the info to fight for what my mom deserves!!!

Anyway, here's to healing my hurt body!!!!



Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm almost there!!!!! First mini goal that is.....

.6 away from my first mini-goal of 165.0. However, I have now lost my first 5 pounds (remember I am doing this in baby steps and thinking of my weight loss in 5 pound increments.... only 2 more to go----that is 5 more pounds, two more times.)
So, that's the good news on the w/l front....

Now, getting on to my life with the "dog from hell". Constant barking, he's a jumper, he chases my two cats around, and he's had two accidents on my fairly new carpet!!!! We also purchased an area rug, and he's been digging his claws into it and pulling up carpet fibers. This area rug wasn't cheap either. I am going Crazy!!!!!! The dog isn't neutered YET, but very soon.
You know, I wouldn't mind taking in a dog that behaves, but I think under the circumstances of how bad this dog acts, my mom asking us to put up with "KILLER" is a lot to ask of us!!!
I know dogs end up as part of one's family, my two cats and my dog mean the world to me, but they also behave.

Maybe all the stress of having the "DEVIL DOG" and my mom living here is making me not eat so much or something. B/C, I certainly have not exercised in probably 3 1/2 weeks now and somehow the weight is still coming off----go figure?????

All I know for now,