Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ONE MORE WEEK....and off to Margarita-ville

Not quite where I want to be weight wise. I went to my meeting yesterday (Tuesday) and lost another .6. It just wants to come off soooo slowly. We had one gal in the meeting that lost 5 pounds in one week. Well, that's all I have left time wise. ONE WEEK. I am going to work very hard this week to get off as much as I can before my trip. I fell a little short in my trip goal weight. BUT, working with my trainer, Michelle, for the past 7 weeks has really changed my body shape. I can definitely tell a huge difference in my upper arms, tummy (no more muffin top) and my legs.

She's also bumping up my workouts with her as well this week. I plan to get on that treadmill every day for the next 7 days. It will be nice to get away for a few days....free from Mom's divorce, kid-free, and hubby-free. Sometimes, it's just nice to get away from the stress of every day life.

So, an update on the divorce. The house sold-finally!!!! And there are two major things that need to be accomplished in the next couple of weeks. I need to make sure my mom has health insurance coverage before the grace period expires on the coverage she has under my dad's policy. And her payments from his retirement fund should be kicking in soon. After that, I will no longer have THAT stress in my life. What a relief that will be. It has been a LONG year dealing with this.


Here's to hoping for a great week for me and for all!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CBB (Cancun Birthday Bash---3 weeks and counting!!

So, 3 weeks from today. My workouts with my trainer seem to be paying off. I have not officially been to a WW meeting to w/in but at home I was 166.0. My mom has scheduled some surgeries 2 tuesdays in a row, and I have unfortuneatly missed 2 meetings.

So, my weeks have been CRAZY!!! Surgeries, my 40th birthday (ouch--it all goes downhill from now right? Metabolism gets slower---yeah, like that's what I need ---and even slower Metabolism!!!) I also have been planning my youngest's 5th birthday party. He wants an airplane cake.

We are bidding on days off for work. It's done by senority and I am #2 (out of 2 - ha ha) So next year instead of having Mondays and Tuesdays----I get one weekend day off---so excited that I will be able to spend one weekend day off with the hubby and boys. So, next year my days off will be Sundays and Mondays!!!

What else? On my mom's divorce----they got an offer on the house (the realtor took over anything that dealt with the sale of the house - agreed upon by both in mediation) My mom signed the offer letter, but my dad refused so the realtor signed for him anyway. He has to vacate within 2 weeks!!! She also found out (from the Pharmacist) that he had taken her off his medical insurance (which he wasn't supposed to do) He is a piece of work. I have never in my life disliked (and this is putting it nicely) anyone more than I dislike him.

I will be sooo glad when this whole business is done and over with. Can you believe that mediation was at the end of August and their divorce is still not finalized. Unbelievable!!!! The stress of this whole situation is getting to me. Sometimes, i feel like I am sooo overwhelmed with all this that I practically could jump right out of my skin. Enough about that!!!

Well, here's to a good week for me and you all --- and w/in next week!!!!