Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Down passed my vacay weight gain.....


It's has taken a long while, but I finally did it!!! 167.8 was what "he" told me this morning. So now I have 26 days to get to my goal of 162. That's 5.8 pounds to go---an average of 1 pound every 4 days. But Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it is my Favorite Meal. We were going to celebrate with just our family of 4....but my neighbor graciously invited us to their house, so no leftovers to deal with.

If I can make it through the "one day" of not so good eating, and not have tempting leftovers in the house, I think I can sail thru this holiday! We'll see.

My big challenge will be to not gain much when we go home over Christmas. We will be eating out tons, and then the evening before when fly back to Colorado, we are having yet one other big sit down meal to celebrate Christmas with my family and the hubby's family. My MIL makes killer cheesy potatoes and my FIL makes these awesome rolls.

Anyway, all I know for now.....



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back again----in the 160's!!!!

You would have thought I would have posted this the day it happened, but I have been soooo busy!!!! So, it's a good feeling, but I still have 1 more pound to get off that was "vacay weight gain".

NSV---I put on a pair of 12's (they are OLD NAVY and they are 100% cotton!!!) No spandex, no stretchiness whatsoever. I was sooooo excited that these fit, that I actually wore them to a b-day party on Saturday.

Hubby x-mas challenge-----We've both kinda slowed way down. He actually saw a gain, as well as me. On Friday of last week, I weighed in at 169.4, and this morning back up .4 (169.8). But I am going into my work week tomorrow and I am hopeful to be somewhere in the 168 range by Friday. BTW, I did my best to talk Hubby into eating out Sunday (we have done this regularly --eat out on Sunday's, and one of the rules was that we were giving up these dinners out). I broke him down and he finally caved. BAD, BAD SuperJ!!!!

We ended up at OUTBACK and decided to split a meal. I left there satisfied, but not stuffed. So, not good in the fact that we went, but good in the food decisions.

All I know for now, 34 more days til we leave. that's 1 pound every 4 days to get to my goal of 162.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

R U going to put me in your little bloggy thing?....

"Hell yeah", I respond.

So, last night hubby gets on scale (while I watch). Down 4.5 pounds! I look at him and say "F@#$ You!!!! He laughs. He's a third of the way done to his goal which is to lose 12 pounds before we leave in December. We've only been doing this for 3 days....3 days. Men suck. So I ask him what he is eating.....

Breakfast---nutragrain bar (140 cal)

Lunch ---- 2 mini rolls (160 cal) and Fiber One Bar (140 cal)---total 300 cal

Dinner-----taco salad ---this was last night (taco meat - 130 cal, cheese - 120 cal, chips - 150 cals, lettuce - 50 cal Total--450

Dinner treat - 2 graham cracker squares and cool whip free ---130 cal

Grand total for day---1020 cal.

Oh, yeah....he also burnt 400 cal exercising last night too!!

The dude is 6'5" and weighs 187.0 (oh wait, he lost 4.5 pounds---182.5)!!!!!

I tell him he needs to eat more....even if it's fruits and veggies. We'll see if he takes my advice and actually eats some food....I told him that that wasn't a healthy way to take it off.

Oh, BTW, I just got on the scale 170.0 (I really thought I would have hit the 160's, but soon!!!!)
39 more days and 8 pounds to go....goal - 162.o.



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Standin' in a daze......

At the pantry, yesterday afternoon. Normally, I can find something to eat easily. Not today. There's just nothin' in there that sounds good (bad). All the bad is gone. My boys only have through today to eat the rest of the Halloween candy or it will be in the trash by tonight. They still have some left, and of course I'm not going to let them eat it all---TALK ABOUT A SUGAR HIGH!!!

So the contest between Hubby and I is going great. Its been night 2 without snacking after dinner---I always eat something after dinner, so this has been a huge challenge for me. Last night around 9pm, my tummy was saying "FEED ME!!". Which I did not cave, because well I'd have to "pay up" to Hubby!!! He will be the first to have to "pay up"!!! I got a glass of water and went to bed.

I really want this week and weekend to fly by, so I can see how well this new plan will work for me. I already feel less pudgy around the middle and can't wait to see how much I take off and he takes off for comparison. It makes me crazy that men can do just menial stuff to their food intake, and the pounds just seem to fall off. Me, I gotta work extremely hard to get .2 off. I am looking forward to seeing the 160's again (remember, the five pound gain I had after getting back from vacation----still trying to get back there again. But I am confident that I will see the 160's (even if it's 169.8) by next Monday.

By the way, only 39 more days until we leave for Indy. I am soooo excited to be going home. Yes, we've lived in Colorado for over a year and Indy is still home!!! My bestest friend is putting my family and I up in her house again. She's so great. We would have been staying with the IL's, but MIL started smoking again.....I have asthma and cannot take the smoke. Hubby had talked with his bro over last weekend, and I guess his mom had made some comment to his brother about us not staying with them over Christmas. Hubby finally talked to her and told her the reason we weren't staying there was b/c she's smoking again. (side note: she has been smoking for like 50 years or more. Several months ago, she got double lung pneumonia, and the doc said if she didn't quite smoking, and she got that sick again, that she would die. She made it a couple of months and then started back up again.) So sad that those little white sticks are more important to her than her life.

Anyway, all I know for now.

Excited to get on with an OP day (ughhh, am I sick????)


Monday, November 5, 2007

I've been tagged!!!!

The Rules:
1-Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2-Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3-Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
4- Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog

Here goes:

1. I hate spders!!! Even pictures of spiders. They give be the goosebumps and I truely am scared of them. Even though I am ten thousand times bigger than them, and know I could squash em easily, I still am terrified of them.

2. I love animals, especially my good buddy Reggie (he's my cat). He sleeps with me every night and is always sitting up waiting for me when I get home late at night. I love him to pieces!!!

3. My biggest pet peev....people who can't drive. You know those folks that get in the left lane and drive way under the speed limit. Get outta my way!!! Or when you get stuck behind someone going slow (two lane road) and you can't pass them!!! Arrrggg!!!

4. I have no really good friend since we've moved out here to Colorado. My life seems to revolve around this thing called a FULL TIME J-O-B!!! Luckily my bestest friend (you all know her as--STRAWGIRL--)from Indy listens to me ramble on every day!!!

5. We just bought a big screen TV yesterday from BestBuy. We have been watching TV on a 27 inch screen FOREVER!!!!

6. I exercise to the series (on DVD) Angel (yes, vampires). I think David Boreanz is HOT---but shush, don't tell my hubby!!!!

7. My favorite TV shows are----Desperate Housewive's, Amazing Race, Lost, Ugly Betty and yes, Survivor (I know, it's a disease!!!)

Here's who I am tagging:








Grocery shopping day...

So, most of the "bad" stuff is out of the pantry. Just a few last boxes of cereal and oreo cookies (the cookies I will bring into work on Wednesday). The boys' candy is almost gone--I have also given them til Wednesday to eat it or it will go into the trash.

So hubby and I discussed my "plan" til Christmas last night and he is on board. He actually weighed in last night and is going to do this with me.

Here are the rules:

1. No candy or sweets in house.(He can't make up his pan of brownies to sabotage me!!)

2. Absolutely no eating after dinner. This one will be hard for both of us and we have a "special" consequence if either of us is caught doing this (several years back when most states made wearing seatbelts a law, we both never did it. Well, we made a "contest" to ensure we both wore our seatbelts. The consequence for not putting on one's seatbelt was a "sexual favor" if you know what I mean. This seemed to work and I only had to "pay up" once or twice. Ha ha!!!) So, there will be a consequence for cheating after dinner!!!

3. We are giving up our Sunday dinners out. Last night we went to Ruby Tuesday's and that's it....until we leave for Christmas vacation----no more eating out on Sunday's.

4. I told him my exercise plan and he said he will help motivate me to do this.

So, there we go......grocery shopping today to stock us up on healthy snack choices and a family plan to help me out....We'll see!!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Candy be gone....

So, today, I brought what candy wasn't passed out at our house into work. Most of it was gone by the time my shift ended (and I did manage to stay out of it). I will slowly start to weed through the "bad" choices I have stocked up in my pantry. Today I threw away "GO-Tarts".

My boys are eating away at their Halloween candy (piece by piece) and my plan is to grab a handful every day and toss it in the trash. They won't notice and this should make them "be done" with their candy in a week---which is what I planned.

I did very well today to stick with the program---water, milk, fruits and vegs---and such. Although no exercise today...I am planning on sometime this weekend to get my Pilate's session in.

So that was my day....now let me tell you all about my drive home.

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I happen to be somewhat of a lead foot. Anyway, a Denver cop in an SUV merged onto the main drag that takes you away from the airport. Now, this dude is going fast and weaving in and out of traffic. I am modestly going 10 miles over the speed limit (65) and can't keep up with the guy. I end up catching up with him a few moments later because they are doing some construction in the left lane and everyone has to get into the right lane. I end up with one car between us.

So construction ends and now we have two lanes back. Cop gets into the left lane, and I follow. He speeds up to 70 mph and I follow along behind him. No problem, right---I'm behind him. Now as I am following him, he comes up to traffic in the left lane, who continually move to the right lane to get out of his way and I follow. Most of the time he is not allowing the minimum safe distance of one car link for every 10 mph....and quite frankly neither am I.

So, at the point where I get into the right lane to set up to merge onto another major highway (I signal and he gets caught behind a taxi going 55mph) That's the speed limit, where I merge (55---I am going 60.) So of course, I pass him. He immediately gets behind me (lights a flashin')

Me at this point says "shit" and pulls over. He gets out and asks me how fast I was going ---that I blew his windows out? I bite my tongue b/c just about ready to come out of my mouth is "you're the one driving like a bat out of hell ---I was just following you." Luckily my brain catches up and this does not come out of my mouth. All along I am thinkin -WTF? I only passed him going 5 mph over the limit. Anyway, he requests my license, registration and insurance card---which takes me FORVER to find. He looks it over, tells me I need to abide by the 1 carlink for every 10mph rule (yeah, so do you buddy!!! practice what ya preach!) and sends me on my way...YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN MISS. I answer "Yes sir!!!!"

And then I am on my way--thinking "shew---got lucky--NO TICKET". I take it easy for a few miles and when I get 10 miles more down the road, I look down and I am now going 10mph over the speed limit. I tried, I cannot slow down----it's not in my nature.

So that was my excitement for the night.....it was bound to happen. I have lived here for over a year and this is the first time I have been pulled over.

So lesson for the day.....DON'T PASS A COP, DUH!!!!LMAO