Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I DID IT!!!!

Can't believe it but I stayed with my plan to exercise 5 times this week. Yes, including today. It was 8:40pm by the time I got done snuggling with the youngest and I really wanted to just go to bed myself. But, I made myself go down and workout...30 min on the treadmill and 280 cal burn.

Today wasn't the greatest eating wise---I just had the munchies tonight. Tomorrow I will do better. We will be getting ready for my younger brother to show up on Monday.

We are planning on a couple of short hikes and then going up to Rocky Mtn National Park on Wednesday to see fireworks.

Not much else---


Friday, June 29, 2007


I had the early shift today (even earlier tomorrow). I got up at 4:30 and managed to get on the treadmill later that evening. This is unheard of. Usually I end up horizontal on the couch. When I decided? to go exercise, I said to my hubby "I'm going downstairs to get on the treadmill, unless you don't want me to and I will stay up here..." You know, give him the responsibility on whether I worked out or not. Here's what he said to me..."you'll just fall asleep on the couch!" Which is very true.

So I did 30 min on the treadmill (270 cal burn). ---pats self on back ---- ha ha

Can I do the same thing tomorrow (getting up an hour earlier, 3@#%#ing :30 in the morning? We'll see...


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just another day...

Back on track and back on the treadmill this morning (Thursday). I think I have made up for my goof on Wednesday with the miniburgers. I would like to see a loss this week b/c that would be 3 weeks in a row...that never happens for me. Busy day at work today with a thunderstorm that parked itself just north of the airport. I had to stay 2 hours later to deal with it and the delays it was causing.

When lightning is that close to the airport, the "ramp personnel" can't load/unload everyone's luggage. Don't blame them from being a little skittish with all that metal around them. So this tends to back things up a bit!!

Anyway, don't know much more...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My apologies...

Sorry to you all for not immediately, after getting home from my evening shift, getting online to catch up on everyone's day. But (drumroll, please) I got on the treadmill ---for the second time today---and burnt 260 cal. Yeah me!! So, today I got in 2, yes 2, 30 min workouts total of 520 cal burn.

I guess I need to tell you all why I needed this second workout...I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch and caved. I got the salad bar(good choice) and also go the two mini-burgers/fries that you can get with the salad bar (for only an extra $1.00 - BAD CHOICE!!!)

I know the second workout won't make up for the goof--but maybe it will help. Tomorrow I have a mid-day shift, so I plan to get up and get back on that treadmill.
Tomorrow I will make better choices to make up for the bad one today.

Here's what I ate...

Breakfast - jello ---not nutritious but I knew I was going out to lunch 0 pts
lunch big salad at RT (I got the mini burgers/fries to go) 8 pts
Dinner - 2 miniburgers (believe it or not, I think these are.....) 16pts
a few fries (they were soggy ) 3 pts
Grand total 27 pts

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogroll (lists)

For those trying to add your blogroll...like mine on the right...

Here's what I did:

Click on customize in upper right corner of your blog.

Then click on Add a page element

Then click on Link List - Add to blog button

Title it (favorite bloggers for example)

Then where is says "New site URL" you can copy and paste a link (for instance http://superjayman.blogspot.com/)

Then hit "Add link" and a list will start to form

after adding what you want hit "save changes" and it should show up on your blog!!!

Screamin'!!!!! (with joy!)

Went to w/in today and was DOWN 1.8. So excited...this journey of mine is a slow one. I weighed in today at 171.2. So only 1.4 til the 160's. Maybe, just maybe, it will be next week? 23.2 pounds to go for my goal of 148.0.

Verdict on shopping in my closet last night---found some 12 capris I can fit into as well as some 12 jeans and pants. I even got into 1 pair of 10's that will go into the work rotation.

I have hung up some pants that were slightly tight and will use these for motivation for the next few weeks (months--whatever it takes)!

Shrek 3 was okay...maybe a little 'dark' for Evan, although he didn't wake up last night. My other 2 (hubby and oldest) will be coming home this evening from camping and we have a baseball game tonight.

I don't have too many challenges this week, but on Monday of next week, my kid brother flies in with his girlfriend. This will be the first time to me her. Of course, my mom says she is beautiful and skinny!!!

TTFN--glad we have this temp? forum for me to CELEBRATE my loss---they seem like they don't come often enough!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Pics

This was me at my lowest since having kids....

Makin' my own motivation....

After playing around with this new blogging site, I have figured out some layout stuff by trial and error.

Alright, today I decided to let go of the past....my closet is full of outdated clothes that I was hanging onto so "I could try them on because they once fit". I spent a good hour and a half deciding on what should stay and what should go. So far, I have come up with four bags of mainly pants. Some of these still had the tags on them --lol

While I was doing this, I received a call from the Cerebral Palsy Foundation in Colorado asking for donations. They will be here next week to pick up my 4-5 bags of clothing. It was meant to be. So, tonight, after Evan goes to bed, I am going to see what actually fits. I figure that may be this will be the motivation I need to get the rest of this weight off.

I'll let everyone know how shopping in my closet goes tomorrow.....

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Back up and running...

I was completly lost without this....I went to read how my fellow WW's were doing and poff, it was gone. So I managed to get on the treadmill this morning for 30 min (250 cal burn so not too intense---you know my first attempt at exercising again)

Brett and Justin went camping today (they left early this am). So Evan and I are going to the movies to see Shrek 3. It's 11am (my time) and we aren't going to leave until 2pm and he is soooo excited.

Anyway, I hope most come over to this blog site while Roni works at getting us back up and running.


Saturday, June 23, 2007


Thanks for all of you and your encouraging words….treadmill workout tomorrow and I am going to committ to 5 days starting on Sunday. Will blog more later (probably tomorrow)
I am going to bed early so I can get up early for work tomorrow.

HOT and NOT SO HOT!!!!

The HOT -So it’s hot in Denver. The temp in mid 90’s. Our BBQ party was last night and I had to cover practically head to toe, so I don’t damage my skin anymore from the sun out here. Sunburn update: Believe it or not, my skin is still red (feet and lower legs). I’m telling you that I got FRIED! So, my face, head, back and shoulders are already either peeling or EXTREMELY itchy.

The Not so HOT- Choices at the BBQ. Meatball sandwiches… YUM and yes I had one. It was small but I ate it. Strawgirl, I know what you mean when you can’t stay out of the pasta salad. This salad had spinach (bonus!) but also had parmesan cheese and other bad stuff I am sure. Cake—big sheet cake that was so moist. I only had a small piece but topped it off with 2 small cookies ( I believe sugar cookies!).

So not the best night, and today is my oldest turns 7. I made an 8″ round stacked cake for him on Friday (froze it to keep it fresh) and we are celebrating this afternoon. I absoulutely love Duncan Hines choc. fudge cake with Duncan Hines French Vanilla frosting. I can only find the frosting back in Indiana (at Meijer’s) so when we are visiting, I go and stock up on this stuff.
Oh, BTW, this is only the “family” party. We will be doing another one in a few weeks when Justin’s friends are back in school and back from vacation. We do year round school here. They go 9 weeks on, three weeks off normally. He finished Kindergarten at the end of May and will start back to school (1St grade) in the middle of July.

Planning to get on the treadmill (regardless of if I am tired from getting up soooo early–3:20 am) NO EXCUSES!!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Why oh why???

Why oh why are these few pounds eluding me….173.0 at w/in today. All I am asking for is 3.2 pounds…then I reach one of my many mini goals TO BE IN THE 160’s, even if it’s by .2 pounds. I would be soooo excited if my body cooperated. I know I need to get back on the exercise bandwagon—I think this would give me the push to get to my mini goal. Then, of course, onto the next one.

Sunburn update:

Feet - still red and now swollen again after an evening on my feet.
Back and shoulders - don’t dare touch me, I will scream…
Top of head - have to gently wash hair and comb out. Of course, air dry.
Boy have I learned a good lesson…..sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, often, often, often


Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm pregnant.....

That got your attention!! In fact, my BFF (strawgirl) is probably picking herself up off the floor right now! —–Okay not really but my feet sure think that I am. My feet are sooooo sunburnt. I am retaining so much water that my feet feel like I am 9 months pregnant. You know those cans of vienna sausages—that’s what my toes look like. My ankles and about half way up my calves are tight and huge!!!!!

W/in tomorrow is not gonna be pretty…I am hoping that a good night’s rest with my feet propped up will help ( I have been standing on my feet most of this evening at work and no I didn’t wear my MICKEY MOUSE slippers into work) However, I was most tempted to show up in them….Instead I played the “barefoot and pregnant” role at work and went barefoot when I got to the airport!!!

Oh, btw, to top it off, when I walked in from the garage tonight (with no shoes) I stubbed my baby toe on the steps from garage to laundry room—-not a good night!!
So no exercise today, obviously but I have drank plenty of water and stayed OP.
Wish me luck for tomorrow’s w/in…….


W/in an Day 5 of sweet bustin'

I actually saw a loss at the scale today—-.6! But I have a big BUT (or BUTT) …I weighed in at a different location than normal, so I will take the loss this week but I think I will truely see how I am doing next week. My feet are not so puffy this morning but I also haven’t been on my feet all day like I was last evening at work.

Five days into sweet bustin’ and going pretty good. I have “cheated” a tad, but if you know me and how much I L O V E candy, cookies and the like, I think I am doing very well. The challenge will be this weekend with the cookout on Saturday and celebrating Justin’s b-day (he’ll be turning 7) on Sunday. It will be awesome if I can stay out of the cake batter and frosting as I am making his cake.

range 20-25/target 22 Pts Banked - 3
cheese stick(2) and 2 slices turkey(2), shredded cheese (1)
5 17
jello/whipped cream(1)
1 16
salad (1) tuna(4) lite mayo(2) dill pickles(0)
7 9
chicken breast(4) green beans(0) salad (3)
7 2
Hot cocoa (2)
2 0
water - 16oz so far
that’s all I know….

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

French fried...

Okay, so I didn’t apply enough sunscreen!!!! 7 hours at Water World and I am beat red. I thought my sandals alone were enough coverage for my feet—nope EXTRA CRISPY! Water World was fun. Got in a lot of exercise walking around…not just flat there….nice and hilly. Didn’t do great for lunch (or dinner for that matter) and I believe sleeping for me tonight with my shoulders, legs, top of my head, forehead and most definitely my feet is going to be a challenge.

I wonder, with the dress code at work, whether I can call in to see if they will let me wear my MICKEY MOUSE slippers in the tower cab–lol Can you imagine me dressed in a polo shirt, docker type pants and my slippers going thru airport security and then getting on the train to concourse “C”? Yes, everyday, I have to go thru airport security and get on the train to the last concourse to get to my job. If security “sees” something in my bag that looks suspect, I get “PULLED OVER” (that’s what I call it) by security and then they put their grubby paws on my lunch or dinner that I am taking for my shift. You know the rubber gloved hands that just picked up someone’s nasty shoes not 1 minute before is now touching the very food I will be eating in a few hours —Y—-U—-C—-K—-!!!!! The government trusts me enough to taxi and clear airplanes for takeoff, you’d think I go bypass security at the airport—just a thought…off my soapbox!!!

So, back to swimming…found some swim shorts that I bought a couple of years ago and wore those. I also, found in my drawer a pair of shorts (tags still attached!) and they fit. So excited about this. Now that I have this terrible sunburn—no exercise tomorrow and I will probably be retaining water because of the sunburn….gonna concentrate on sucking down the water tonight and tomorrow.

Getting late…so


Monday, June 18, 2007

Sweet bustin', day 2

Goin’ good so far…bumped up my protein intake and no sweets (this is even with deciding to bake oatmeal choc. chip cookies for my boys and a neighbor kid). That was actually a BIG feat for me not dipping into the batter a few times and foregoing a warm cookie (or two or three….!!!)

Okay, so tomorrow is BATHING SUIT day and I am dreading it. I am going to try and find some swim shorts today. I was joking around with my hubby and said “Darn, I found my bathing suit!” He kinda looked at me funny and I explained to him that my excuse for not going was that I couldn’t find my suit. His reponse to this was “No one there will know you, so who cares”. What I really needed to hear was “honey, you look fine in a bathing suit”. Someone needs to call this boy and set him straight on how to give me “A PICK ME UP”

Today we are going to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch or dinner (not sure yet which). We are celebrating my 3yr old’s success at potty training. I am going to cook up some chicken and dice it up. I plan on getting the salad bar there and forego their pizza. I am also going to bring my own lite cheese and dressing. Sounds like a good plan to me. I just need to stay out of the pizza.
Since we are going swimming Tuesday, I will miss w/in day. I plan to make up the meeting and w/in on Thursday morning.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back again....on track

It’s taken me a couple of days to get with it again. I have decided to brave the waterpark and have some fun with my boys. I have some challenges coming up…cookout on Saturday and my oldest’s 7th birthday on Sunday. I am going to plan for both of these. I am also going to go cold turkey and get off the SWEETS!!!

This is my biggest problem. Candy, sugar cereal, cookies and the like. I think if I can get them out of my system, I won’t crave them as bad as I do. I am bumping up my protein intake and cutting back on the amount of carbs I am eating.

I also am going to get back to my exercise routine…no more “I’m tired ” excuses. I am definitely in a slump and I need to hold myself accountable –Which will start Tuesday morning at w/in….it won’t be pretty.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer...Going, Going, Gone?

Okay, so I am in a sort of panic here. I set up these expectations that I would be “comfortable” in my skin this summer and it’s not happening. My hubby asked me tonight to pick up coupons for a waterpark here in Denver. He wants to go this coming Monday or Tuesday. NO WAY will I put my chunky butt in a bathing suit—way too embarrassed. Really don’t want to scare the rest of the folks that will be there!!!

I see summer slipping away and my lack of motivation is incredible right now. I am soooo OP–that’s OFF PROGRAM–have been for days now. I can’t seem to get it together and journal. I really have no idea how many points I have eaten since we went camping. I really don’t want to waste away another summer.

HELP—-I need a WW pick me up speech!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I woke up early this morning for work and I am soooo hungry. On Wendie, yesterday was my Super High Day - 37 pts. I will continue doing this for the rest of the week but I think the SHD is going to set me up today to do bad—not an excuse, but I am starving. I have already downed one bottle of water and will be working on my next one on the drive to work. My rings are really tight this morning as well. Strawgirl said she was going back to winning points and I think I might try that after w/in next week. Even if I see a loss, I don’t think the Wendie plan is for me. This is kinda funny b/c I was excited about such a high point day. I guess I’d rather pick which (if I even need it) days to have a few more points!!!


Friday, June 8, 2007

The Wendie Plan....

This weekend or my weekend (Monday and Tuesday) the family is going camping in Aspen. We plan to do the campfire thing–hamburgers one night and hot dogs the next. I will not be going to my Tuesday morning w/in b/c we will still be in Aspen, then driving home in the afternoon. I am going to check to see if there is a meeting later on in the week that I can go to. We will be doing quite of few short hikes while we are there. I just hope it warms up a bit in the next couple of days.



I made it through another not quite so windy day at work. Came home with a MASSIVE headache. Probably the worst one I have suffered through yet. Hubby was great and took care of me. Anyway, I snuck a peek on the scale this morning and the home scale says down 2 pounds, however I haven’t had my Superhigh day on the Wendie plan (that is today) According to Wendie, I get 37 pts. today!!! I told my B(est)F that I would have to have a huge piece of chocolate cake with real icing (not whipped topping) to get all my pts. in for the day.
Of course, she told me to eat sensibly–lol