Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An update.....then I will go lurk!!!

So, last weekend I spent a ton of hours driving cross country with my mom to meet my youngest bro---TO GET HER DOG!!! The dog's name is Simon---a miniture pincher, but I've nicknamed him "KILLER" or better yet, my brother renamed him "DEVIL DOG".

So, here's the story....Friday, I work a loooong day shift at the tower and go home with a mighty headache (day one of my migraine). I go to bed early and sleep, well, rather shitty. Saturday morning, I go to work at the butt-crack of dawn (headache still a blazen'---day 2) and stick it out for the rest of my shift.

My mom comes to pick me up from Denver International Airport (for those of you that don't know, I work at the tower as an air traffic controller) at 1:45pm. We start on the road at that time and head east to Illinois (I'm driving b/c it would take us a week to get there if my mom would drive---I bring radar detector and speed pretty much the entire way).

We get to our destination (Vandalia, IL) at 4:00 in the morning---yes, I said 4am---I have driven almost 1000 miles in 14 some hours. We get a hotel and crash. My brother, meanwhile, has left Indianapolis and is traveling west (with "KILLER") to meet us in Illinois. I tell him, "the earlier, the better" so we can get back on the road and get back home. BTW, still have headache!

At six o'clock ----yes, 2 hours later, my brother calls to tell me he is 1 hour away and "btw, you'll never guess what just happened!!!" (some background info--my brother has never had luck with cars. long story long---his blazer wouldn't start the day before and he has borrowed his girlfriend's car to get "KILLER" to us). So, it's dark, and he is in the passing lane, passing a Semi, and in the middle of his lane is a spare tire that another Semi has "lost" and he runs right over the damn thing (now I'm talking wheel, tire, and all).

After getting his heart out of his throat, he has to stop and rip off part of the front bumper b/c it is dragging.....needless to say major damage is done to the car ----over $2000.00 worth. He was pretty upset about the whole thing, but I told him the car can be fixed---he's just lucky he didn't roll the car, or swerve into oncoming traffic.

So, anyway, we finally meet up and get "KILLER" into my mom's car, and off we go (it's 7am). Back west on I70---1000 miles to go. We end up back home at 10pm (yes, that's 10PM). I am pooped and it takes me 2 days to recover b/c while all this is going on, I'm coming down with a cold. (headache's finally gone, btw)

So, long story long, I ate a WHOPPER (with mayo) and french fries on the way back home and I got on the scale and I had a LOSS----go figure??? 166.8. Ten more pounds and I think I will be back into size 10. Who'd a thunk it?

Sorry so long winded


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A loss....yippee!!!

So a loss!!! Down 1.4---168.0. 3 pounds til my mini goal--which you remember was 5 pound increments. This weight loss still includes some from when I was sick. My appetite finally came back with a vengence a couple of days ago and I am definitely making up for lost time.

I still have some chest congestion which seems to be a "good" excuse for me not getting back into an exercise routine on the treadmill. I am going to make every effort tomorrow morning to get on it, even if it's for 20 min. to slowly start back up.

BTW, did I mention it is freakin' freezing here...try 8 degrees on my way home from work tonight---with the wind chill, I guess somewhere BELOW freezing.

My mom's final divorce hearing is going to be delayed....probably upwards of 2 months. Her lawyer heard it in my voice when we talked to her today, that I'm pretty displeased with this...but, she said she hasn't gotten all the financial stuff from my dad and she wants to go into court prepared to fight tooth and nail to get my mom what she deserves. So now we sit and wait.

So, anyway, things have been crazy since the beginning of the new year....trying to get settled into a routine with my mom now living with us.

One final note....I guess I decided it was a good idea to practically take off my driver's side mirror today as I was backing my car into the garage. My attention was on not hitting my mom's car (which always seems to be parked in the wrong spot in the driveway) and CRASH!!! Crap!!! there goes a perfectly good mirror.

All I know for now...


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sadness, Sickness, and a Nuisance

So, the sadness---I received the news that my aunt that lives in New Hampshire past away and attended her funeral back home in Indy this past Saturday. She was an awesome aunt....she crocheted (sp?) both my boys' blankees...she will be greatly missed.

The sickness---been sick since leaving Indy Saturday night---it hit me like a ton of bricks on the flight back to Colorado with my mom. I have been out from work since I left for the funeral and I still feel like crap.

The nuisance---While all of this has been occurring---guess who came to visit---yep TOM!!!

I did jump on the scale this morning and I was down----1.4----169.4. So yippee for me right now. I well expect this not to hold as soon as my appetite picks up again.

So that's it in a nutshell!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007- A year in review.....

So, a look back in time....finally got my mom out of Indiana and moved in with us here in Colorado. I finished all of my training at the tower and am settled in as one of three Traffic Management Coordinator's at the fifth busiest airport in the nation. We moved into a nice house in a great neighborhood and we are getting to know those around us--time will tell whether "great" friends come out of this.

On the weight loss and exercise front---I am doing much better than right after the holidays last year. I started the year (year 2007) at 184.something, and finished off the year at 170.8. This, remember, was my attempt at a "controlled" gain while I was home visiting family and friends just before Christmas. I weighed-in before going at 168.4 and I came back weighing 170.8. So my gain over the holidays-----2.4. I think "NOT BAD!!!"

So in a nutshell -----weight loss for 2007 around 14 pounds. I say "NOT TOO SHABBY!" If I do that this year, I will be at goal. So here's to a new fresh start at weight loss this year.....baby steps. I will attack it in 5 pound increments. 5 pounds, only 3 times. Maybe next year, this same time, I will be typing that I finally made it to goal---155 (oh how I'd love to do that!!!)

Let's everyone get back with it now that the holiday season is over!!!!! BTW,

Happy New Year!!!!!