Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


A sugar intervention, that is....I cannot stop craving and eating all these sweets!!!I have been in the process of getting ready for Justin's b-day party (we postponed it because his friends were off school and on vacation). It's "Spiderman" themed and I am just finishing up on the final decorations on the cake. I will post a pix of it later--pats self on back ----it turned out not bad!!!

So, I have gotten into cake batter, icing and the like. I cannot get off the sugar kick. I did w/in this morning and of course saw a GAIN!!! Up 1.2 which, after eating the way I have all week and then some, was a gracious gift. So now I am back to needing 1.8 pounds to get in the 160's. Why o why do you elude me???

So, here is the plan.....the sugar has to go. Today, I will start taking baby steps to get my eating under control. First, I will track everything that goes in my mouth and get the minimum water in.

Okay, here's where I throw a bit of a temper-tantrum ......I just don't want to DO THIS---THIS DIETING THING!!! I AM SOOOOO TIRED OF IT!!! BUT I KNOW I HAFTA---RIGHT? THAT'S WHAT I KEEP TELLING MYSELF.

This weight will not come off if I keep doing what I have always done!!!!! I KNOW THIS---I just need to DO IT and DO IT CONSISTENTLY!!!

-------> Pep talk to myself (ha ha) <---------


Saturday, July 21, 2007


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your support and encouraging words. Things are better, and because my Cyber-friends are AWESOME I will "get it together" NOW!!!!

So, here's what's up....my mom flies in on Monday and my boys are sooooo excited. They haven't seen her since March (when we flew back to Indy). I am planning on getting back either to walking with my mom outside or getting back on that treadmill. I'm sure we will go out to dinner a few times while she is here but I will plan my day around where we are going.

Anyway, my hubby said I am always on the blogsite (you know this gets addictive---and I do have to admit that I spend quite a bit of time on here--as does my hubby with MMA-that's mixed martial arts - if you didn't know) So I will be cutting back a tad (which sucks b/c I love reading everyone's blogs) but I will try to at least post every few days and catch up reading when I am at work on a break!!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The big showdown...

I haven't posted in a few days...you know I thought I might have a peaceful weekend at home just veggin' and all was going well until the whole family ended up at Target. The hubby and I got into it over something extremely trivial and this set the tone for a day and a half. We just don't argue much and life always seems so "hunky-dorie". Not for the last day and a half, though. With us not "talking", you know the silent treatment always works well to solve problems, my eating went to hell. In fact, when we got home from Target, I made myself two huge Margarita's (which were pretty good going down---I'm not that much of a drinker by the way).

So, last night after dinner, while cleaning up the dinner mess, I start balling. Not loud crying, but tears just streaming down my face---Does anyone notice....NO!!!
In fact, I disappear into the bathroom (so I can let it all out), does anyone notice...NO--I'm gone for a good 1/2 hour.

Boy, I really miss my friends!!! Since our move, I haven't found that close friend (you know the one you can tell anything to, cry to and they will listen). Most of the gals I work with don't live close and have there own issues.

I gotta say that is the thing I miss the most about living so far away from my friends I left in Indiana...I have two really close friends there that I consider my sisters and yet they are sooooo far away. (Crying as I write this)

I really need to get away!!!!

Anyway, things did get better this morning with the hubby and I am now trying to back pedal with all my food indiscretions (I really have lost count on how many points I have eaten in the last day and a half). And to top it all off, W/I is tomorrow morning.....the scale will not be kind I'm sure!!!

Thanks for being my sounding board (not crying anymore --- for now)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gotta get my act together!!!!!

Boy I just can't get "with the program". My appetite is huge and I'm not sure why.
I can't seem to get the motivation to exercise as well. I am trying hard today to get my water in to combat the "bloated" feeling I have. So, today hasn't been great eating-wise. The hubby made, of all things, brownies. I actually stayed out of them UNTIL this evening...I keep cutting little slivers off. So, all in all, I have probably eaten the equivalent of one whole brownie. Here's what I have eaten today:

B-------cheese stick.....(2)
L-------SW grilled
--------Chicken salad....(7)
--------snackin' on


I need to get my act together now!!!! I really really want to see the 160's soon!!!
I am going into "my weekend" and have NO plans to go and do something "outdorsy". I told the hubby that I want a weekend home, so that when Wednesday rolls around and I have to go back to work, it actually feels like I had some time off. I am planning on getting some stuff done around the house this weekend--fun fun!!!

BTW, the ITC mini-goal has now been added to my list. Thanks Colette!!! ha ha
And (Colette, this is for you) since I don't use the dressing for the SW salad, I will save them and then send them to you. I do think the dressing is AWESOME (I just usually don't add it)....they should put it on the shelves...it would do very well.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not a great nite....

So I have managed to make it thru my evening shifts at work (Wed/Thurs were NUTSO)!!!
Eating wise: didn't do so hot when I got home last evening.
Breakfast: peach-------------------------21
cheese stick------------------19
McD's SW grilled salad--------12
(no chips - they forgot to
put these on)
taco salad---------------------4
Peanut butter------------------1
cheese stick..................-1
cheese dip....................-8

So as you can see, kinda got the munchies at the end of the night...why didn't I just go to bed?


Thursday, July 12, 2007


A loss...only .6 but I see this as a gift. Now I am only .8 away from the 160's. I really wanted to get there today but being soooo off program this week didn't help my case. I'm with Strawgirl when she says she's bored of this. This week's topic was on PLATEAUS. How do you stay motivated when your weight fluxuates between the same 3-5 pounds week after week, month after month....it gets very frustrating.

I am going to try my hardest to see those 160's by the end of my WW week. My mom is coming out to visit for a week, the last week of July. I would loved to see 2 more pounds by then.

tonight is CRAZY at work. There are thunderstorms surrounding the Denver area....so I must get back.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the grind....

Last week I was fortunate to only have to work 3 days….now I am starting my week (a long week as there are Thunderstorms forecasted every evening this week—you all know this makes my job tough). Anyway, 3 of my 5 shifts include the pleasurable experience working with “DAN the MAN”. This guy is a Type A person to the nth power. Everything has to be done his way, or I’ll never hear the end of it.

Anyway, enough bitchin’ about work….

W/in tomorrow morning and I am going to start back posting everything I eat:

range 20-25/target 22 Pts Banked - Points

Cheese (I measured!!!!) 2pts. 2 / 20
1 egg/ 1egg wht 2pts 2 / 18
2 slices bacon 2pts 2 / 16

watermelon 1 / 15
cheese stick (2pts) 2 / 13
turkey pastrami (2pts) 2 / 11
jello (sf) 0 / 11
SW grilled chicken salad (8pts) 8 / 3
hot cocoa (2pts) 2 / 1

water - 16oz so far

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So, we got back from our last “HURRAH” before Justin starts school tomorrow. We’ve had a busy, busy day today—met the teach, school supplies shopping, grocery shopping, laundry, and then baseball pix tonight followed by baseball game. Then hurry home to get kids to bed so they can have plenty of sleep before the first day of FIRST GRADE!!!

So, the alpine slides were fun, until mine started to go out of control (lost balance a bit while looking back to see if Justin was catching up with me). I lost about 2 inches of skin trying to “right” the cart you ride down on. Also, burned my knee a little thru my jeans…luckily I had on long pants or I would have skinned up my knee pretty good as well. After that, I slowed down a bit til we finished up.

We went and played mini-golf, went thru a maze, and the boys climbed the rock wall. I forgot my camera but here are some pics I found that will give you an idea of what we did:

Gonna w/in Thursday morn…meet the teach conflicted with Tuesday w/in (ironically, I saw my leader at Walmart grocery shopping after meeting the teach!!!!)


Sunday, July 8, 2007


EEEEKKKK….didn’t go so great! I will be getting up early tomorrow to try to work it off….

We are headed up to the mountains tomorrow to have one last HURRAH before my son goes back to school (year round school here in Castle Rock, CO). We are going to a ski resort that (during the summer months when there isn’t any snow) has alpine slides. We have done this once before in Breckenridge, CO when we first moved here. You buy an all day pass and can go on the slides all day.

The slides are very long (you get on these boards with wheels and a brake) and basically “ride” down the mountain. I will take pics tomorrow and then post later.

I am still hoping to see the 160’s on Tuesday….even though tonight didn’t go great.



So, I decided to jump on the scales this morning…down a little BUT only .6 away from being in the elusive 160’s!!!! Here’s my problem…BBQ tonight. So far today, I have eaten a cheese stick (2pts). I am trying to save most of my points for tonight. Of course, as I am writing this, my deep dish dutch apple pie is baking and it SMELLS SO GOOD!!!

I still am planning on taking Good For Ya ground beef patties and I plan to not eat a bun (why waste pts. on bread). My challenge will be to stay out of the chips and desserts…but of course I will sample my pie. They are planning on playing volleyball, but my back is absolutely killing me. I don’t know if this back flare up is from hiking sooo much last week. So, I don’t plan to participate in volleyball (although I could earn an activity point)

Anyway, here’s hoping I don’t blow it tonight for Tuesday w/in….160’s will I see you this week?????


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ho hum....

Not much going on...can't seem to get back on track after this past week. That will be my focus today. Tomorrow the whole family will be going to a BBQ (co-worker is throwing it). I was asked to bring of all things APPLE PIE!! I do make a mean homemade dutch apple pie, but of course, not WW friendly. Someone else is bringing icecream---apple pie a la mode---that will be hard to stay out of.

I am going to take lower fat burgers (96/4) and some LF hot dogs for us...and maybe I will try strawgirl's idea of grilled veggies...anyway that will be the plan. Of course, this week I have been eating kinda every thing in sight. So, we'll see.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

No w/i, because I slept in...

Yes big cop out, but we didn't get home from fireworks until 11:45pm last night and I must have just turned my alarm off. The fireworks show was awesome here in Castle Rock. They lasted for 50 min. Usually, the ones I've seen only last for around 30 min.

Anyway, to update my week. My bro and his girlfriend (by the way is skinny, tan, tall and no---let me repeat that NO cellulite on her body whatsoever) JEALOUS!!!!
Okay got off on a tangeant, anyway they flew in on Monday ready to see Colorado. That evening I made pasta and then we worked it off by hiking "the rock" in Castle Rock. Short hike and you get a view of the city and a nice sunset!!!

Tuesday, we decided to get up bright and early (hence, the no w/in on Tuesday am) and drive to Colorado Springs...we hiked in the Garden of the Gods and then went to Wendy's for lunch (I got a chili --no cheese and ate a few fries). After lunch we went to a waterfall (did another short hike) in a city park down in Colorado Springs. We we home after that and got cleaned up and went to Red Robin---love their french fries...so that got me in trouble...but I got the ceasar chicken wrap (dressing on the side) and only ate half of that.

Wednesday, we got up even earlier and set out towards the west/northwest of Boulder to do a 6 mile round trip hike...which was AWESOME!!! We hiked back past a lake to get to a mountain lake at about 10,800 ft. The scenery was beautiful. My calves and hips are killing me today. After spending most of the day in the mountains, I got the bright idea to "spend" the calorie burn from the hike on Maggiano's. It's this Italian restaurant that my hubby, kids and I love. (slaps self silly on face)
My bro and his GF had never eaten there, so we went. We ended up ordering 3 meals to split between all of us and still brought leftovers home. The portions there are HUGE!! We then went home, rested, and then off to fireworks...

So, here I sit on Thursday, after sleeping past my WW meeting, thinking why can't I get this to click....either I eat good --no exercise. Or I exercise (no lack of it this week so far) and I eat bad. I can't seem to get the two concepts to mesh together. BTW, taking today off in the exercise department---TOO SORE!!! Will resume it tomorrow.

Here are a few of pix...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Thank Goodness it's my weekend...

I made it thru my work week and I start a long weekend...Don't have to be back to work until Thursday. Big challenge this weekend is Reno (nickname for my youngest bro) and his girlfriend (first time meeting) are flying in this afternoon. I haven't got my workout in today (I will push myself to do it tonight --even though they will be here)

We've been busy cleaning and getting the house ready for them. Also, have to pick the dog up---he's getting gussied up at Petsmart right now. So, busy busy morning.

I plan to w/in tomorrow morning before we head to Colorado Springs. I really hope I see a loss, even if it is .2!!!! TOM came early for me. I take the pill that allows me to have what I call "Quarterly Reports"--yes, only 4 times a year....love it!!! But it may cause the scale to be "NOT SO NICE" Sorry if that is TMI!

Anyway, I will post w/in results tomorrow after I get back.