Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm back....

So I did w/in on thursday down .4 168.8. This was more realistic from the 167.4 on Wednesday morning (I know I was dehydrated from being sick and as soon as I started really pumping in the water my weight went up----but here's to dreaming, right?) Soon I will get there and beyond.

I am feeling better now, just a slight cough. I am hoping to be in much better shape by tomorrow morning when I attempt to fly out for INDY. Can you say excited!!!
I am really going to try to do good - Strawgirl will keep me in check --I hope.

I actually got my hairdresser to work me in while I am home. Can't believe that I have lived in Colorado for just over a year now and have not attempted to find someone to cut my hair out here. It's funny how you can't give up a good hairdresser once you find them.

That's all I know for now....you girls have a great weekend and I am sure Strawgirl will rat me out after our weekend together---ha ha


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Activity points....

It's now Wednesday, feeling better than Monday and Tuesday. Basically, I just laid around and did nothing. So, back to the title of this...can I count blowing my nose as an activity point or two or three ---ha ha. Up until today, it has been non stop.

My eating hasn't been up to par b/c of how bad I have felt (which is weird, usually when I am sick (that's when I am NOT pukey sick) I still have an appetite). Not this time around...I decided to get on the scale this morning and 'he' said 167.4. Now I am not celebrating at all b/c when I do get sick and then start to feel better, I then start to eat again. This weight will only be temporary (for the time being ---hopefully I will see it soon on my own accord) and as soon as I start back to drinking the water and eating real food again, I am sure I will see a gain (small I hope!!!)

Anyway, I called in sick for work today...my coughing is driving me nuts. The sore throat is gone and the "bowling ball" head has finally subsided!!!

All I know for now,

Just resting up so I will be well for my trip home!!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeling pretty crappy...

Yep, it's official....sore throat, runny nose, stuffed up nose THE WORKS. I feel like total shit. The funny thing is I haven't been around Evan all that much but somehow I got "the ick". I was driving home yesterday (after a crappy day at work---women get NO respect in my profession--I have to work with huge bunch of assholes!!!)
and I felt like I had a mild sore throat--but now it's turned into the "real" thing.


Hubby and oldest were supposed to go camping this morning but last night Justin started feeling bad...he's still in bed as I am typing this. Soooo, hubby asked if I would mind if he still went (not camping overnight) but on a day-hike. So, all three of us "sickees" will be veg-ing out here at home all day. Sounds like a fun time---just what I wanted to do on "my weekend".

My plans to exercise "every" day this week will obviously be hampered. NO WAY this body will be getting on the treadmill today!!!

Gonna go rest....


Saturday, August 18, 2007

A look back.....

I was just looking at my w/in (progress) over the last few weeks. I have actually lost 3 weeks in a row. That just does not happen with me. Weird!!!!

Anyway, the happenings of the last few days:

Hubby got a job offer with Western Union (here in Denver). Just some background info...When we were living in Indiana I was fortunate enough to work part-time (20 hrs a week) starting in 2000 when I had Justin. I worked part-time up until the time we moved out here to Colorado. My husband then took on the role of house hubby when we got to Colorado and I went back to work full time. (sucks, by the way!!) He's been working part-time doing some consulting work for the company he worked for in Indiana. He planned to do this for 1 year so he and the boys could "explore" the mountains out here. Well a year has past and he put his resume "out there" and got offered a nice position with Wester Union...he'll start back full time middle of Sept. Can you say DAYCARE!!!! Speaking of daycare---youngest came home with first runny nose---he's only been going for 2 weeks so far....we started him early (before hubby got word he'd be going back to work, so Evan would be used to going!!!) I guess we will just have to get used to being sick a lot!

This weekend has been pretty uneventful....but I am gearing up to fly back home and spend some quality time with my friends "back home" in Indy. I will be gracing my presence at Strawgirl's house (what are BFFs for?) I am hoping this week flies by....I am soooo excited to go home (by myself, BTW--no kids, no hubby)

That's all I know....


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stayin the night.....

So this is my second attempt to not go home from the tower (Denver International Airport---DIA). With our wacked-out schedule, I get 4-5 hours of sleep on the nights I work late and then have to be back in early the next day (this is because by the time I get down from the top of the tower cab, wait for the train to the terminal building, walk through the parking lot and then drive home---takes about an hour door to door).

Last week I wasn't the most comfortable, but was willing to give it another try. Anything for some more sleep!!!! Anyway, my shift was uneventful tonight ----NO thunderstorms---Yeah (makes my shift much better)

So, I am loving the goals everyone seems to be posting....

Here are mine...

1. Stay within my points.....23
2. Drink 100 oz water
3. Exercise 6 out of 7 days....tall order but I really want to give myself a buffer b/c I am going home (INDY) to see all my peeps. I thought if I do really good this week up until next Saturday (Aug. 25th) maybe I can lose 1 more pound before I go---some wiggle room when Strawgirl and I go out to eat!!!!
4. 5 Fruits/veg.
5. 2 Milks.

Menu for the day:

Fiber one bar----------2
turkey pastrami sand.--5
teddy grahams choc-----3
taco salad-------------8


Exercise-----------30 min on the ELLIPTICAL

All I know for now....gotta get some sleep----that's the whole point of me staying in this Hell hole!!!lol



So I FINALLY did it!!! This is me....


169.2 AT W/IN THIS AM!!!!

One mini goal down and several more to go....next up will be 165.0!!!!!
But for now I will bask in the glory of hitting the 160's.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I know a loss is a loss is a loss...blah blah blah!!!

I so wish I had not weighed myself on Monday. Stupid scale. Why does that number mean soooo much? So I was down a bit, but I can't seem to get to the 160's AND stay there.

Strawgirl is right (talked to her today on the way into work)...I cannot seem to put it all together. I've now have the exercise thing down (again) and the eating goes bad. So, this ww week I will do my best not to stray, not to cheat. Okay, right there was an excuse. I WILL NOT STRAY, I WILL NOT CHEAT!!!!

Weekly goals:
1. Drink all my water.
2. Get in all my milks/fruits/vegs.
3. Exercise 5 out of 7 days--26 min today on treadmill 271 cal burn.
4. Follow the program --eat within my point range.

That's it folks...$#@# scale!!!

BTW, some were asking about the exercise....I started out only doing 20 minutes on the treadmill. Every workout I have added 1 more minute (now up to 26 minutes). I plan to stop at 30 minutes b/c in realistic terms--right now 30 min is what time I can afford for exercise.


$#@!%*&(&(*^^$^%#*^$ SCALE!!!!!!

Will post a little later.....just thought that my title summed it up!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

EEEEK!!! Weigh in tomorrow!!!

So a brief update...I have done really good in the exercise department this week. I have managed to meet my goal of exercising 5 of my 7 days. I am now up to up to 24 min on the treadmill--tomorrow I will add another minute and slowly bump the workout back up to at least 30 min.

I got on the scale on Monday and I saw the 160's for the first time in a long time. However, after doing a little dance to celebrate, I found myself using the "number" as a reason to eat. See how I self-destruct. I can always justify a reason to put food in my mouth--A DISEASE I TELL YA!!!

I wish Monday's number could have been the "official" w/in for me, but it wasn't and I will be jumping on the scale tomorrow morning. I just hope I haven't done that much damage in the past two days to spoil my victory of getting into the 160's.

Here's to hoping for a success.....


Friday, August 3, 2007

Checkin' in....

Boring day at work....Yeah--no thunderbumpers!!!! Just a quick post on what I have eaten today

Banana (2)
Fiber one bar (2)
SW chicken panini (6)
Chips (1)
1 pb cracker (1)
handful of carrots (0)
planned dinner:
Pork chop (4)
rice (4)
broccoli (0)
cocoa (2)

Total 22

I will get on the treadmill later for 23 min!!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

W/in day and a slight loss....

Down .6.......which is great considering that I haven't been the best, but trying to make up for it. Got on the treadmill again this morning for 22 min. Three workouts in a row. Let's see if it becomes a habit!!!!

Menu for the day

oatmeal (4)
banana (1)
cocoa (2)
Hot dog (2)
bun (1)
chips (1)
carrots (1)
jello (0)
pork chop (4)
green beans (0)
sm. salad (4)

total (20)

22 min treadmill 211 cal burn
fruits/veg 5
milk 2
water 100

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

TBA--to be accountable...

What I have eaten today:

Breakfast---hot cocoa-----2

Lunch---turkey pastrami---2
--------cheese slice------2
--------2 slices bread----1

Dinner---green beans------0


excercise -21 min treadmill 189 cal burn

On the road again....

Okay so I haven't updated in a while...here goes...

Mom visit went well. The boys were sad to see her go. I didn't do great eating-wise while she was here. I tend to let the eating go to hell while anyone visits...you know a good excuse to go out to dinner, not exercise etc...

But I have gotten on the treadmill the last two mornings...not for a long workout---you know ease my way back into it. But I am TRYING now, which is better than what I was doing just a week and a half ago!!!!

So, I will get in at least 20 min on the treadmill every day this week and I am adding 1 minute more each day til I am back to 40 minutes. My goal for the month of August is to lose 4 pounds (Hubby's parents due to visit on the 27th). It's a small goal, but I seem to be doing this WEIGHT LOSS journey at a snail's pace, so I am making myself be in it for the long haul!!!!

My birthday is coming up on September 27th and I am hopeful that I will be 8 pounds lighter on that day (you know, my birthday present to me!!!!) I am trying to get back home to Indiana soon (maybe sometime around my b-day---I would loooooove to have 8 off by then)

That's about all I know...