Weight journey.........doin' it in baby steps!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A note to self.....A mere 46 more days.....

Til my x-mas challenge ends...will I make my goal? Here's what has to happen:

1. I need to get committed (that's focused, not institutionalized--lol)

2. I need to come up with a reasonable exercise regimen and stick with it.

3. I need to get rid of my "red" light foods----Halloween candy included.

4. I need to work the program and not cheat.

5. I need to stock my kitchen with "healthy" foods, not junk food. It's not good for me, and certainly not good for my boys.

6. I need to think of the future---my mom has diabetes. I cannot have her tempted to eat the "bad" food that I continue to buy. She will be staying with us for a bit, until we can find her a place to live out here.

7. I need to enlist my family to help me get these last few pounds off----8 more to go for the Xmas challenge and 15 more to go until my goal.

So here goes:

1. Stop the excuses, and stay focused on the challenge---YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

2. Work out program--Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday --30 min on the treadmill (regardless) One day a week --Pilate's DVD.

3. Stay out of kids candy---it's theirs (not yours). Whatever is left in a week, gets tossed in the trash! No more cookies, sugar cereal (capn crunch, lucky charms, etc--boo hoo!!!) no more candy---replace these with fruits and healthy snack choices.

4. Stay on program---get in all my water, all my fruits/vegs, fats, milks and if I BITE IT, WRITE IT!!!!

5. Again, look in my pantry and get rid of the bad stuff.

6. My future has a lot of changes coming....why not have this weight gone by the time the "new" year rolls around? Maybe my mom will see me and get motivated herself to take a few off and get off her meds.

7. I need to tell my "boys" (hubby included) to get on my ass if they see me slip up or if I haven't exercised yet....I can take it!!!

46 days....it's now or never........


Monday, October 29, 2007

Finallly....she's decided to leave!!!!

This is a personal update on what's been going on in my life the past few months. My mom, after forty-some years of a bad marriage, finally got the guts to leave. I have convinced her to start her new life with us, here in Colorado. She has been wishy-washy for months now, but she has finally taken the necessary steps to get out here.

She filed for divorce 6 weeks ago and just told her boss that her last day of work will be December 21st...I can say I am so tickled that she has made the decision to move out here----so excited---my mom is a great person that has led a crappy life. I just hope she will be able to find some peace and happiness out here with us and her grandkids (and away from a sham of a marriage).

She is planning on staying in Indiana through Christmas and I am flying back (one way) to drive back to Colorado with her. She is apprehensive to leave Indiana b/c my two younger brothers are still there (but I keep telling her that they are grown men and can take care of themselves!!!) And she will only be a 2 hour flight away from them.

Anyway, I haven't updated lately because I have been in constant communication with her trying to keep this ball rolling.

On the food and exercise front ----NOT THAT GREAT.....I have managed to pretty much maintain my weight for the last few weeks.

All I know for now,

Tah Tah


Thursday, October 18, 2007

No witty title today...

Oh, it's early. I worked a late night shift and I am now up early with the kids to get Justin up and going for school. How I wanted to sleep in this morning (two more hours would have been great!!)

Today is another late night shift but I get to go to my massage therapist before work. Yippee---I need it b/c I woke up with the dreaded weekly headache. Hopefully she can GET IT GONE!!!

Speaking of GET IT GONE---I have managed to get on the treadmill--get this--3 times so far this week. MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. I won't be getting on it this morning cuz I feel like crap, but my intention is to walk the stairs a couple of times at work tonight.

I am looking at the calender and as of today I have 60 DAYS---60 DAYS to GET IT GONE for the x-mas challenge. I am spinning my wheels in the eating dept. AGAIN!!! But with the exercise in the past 3 days, I can tell my belly is a little less pudgy.

So I really need to buckle down for the next 60 days and hit my goal. No scheduled parties or celebrations planned until Thanksgiving. So my mini goal is to be 5 pounds lighter at Thanksgiving than I am now. That will put me at 165.6--back in the 160's and I will only have 3.6 to go for the x-mas challenge.

All I know this early in my day,



Sunday, October 14, 2007

A big hit....

So here's the FIRE TRUCK CAKE....it turned out great (I didn't have much left over)
We had about 25 people---adults and children and Evan had a blast. I don't have much time to chat...but I finally got time to post a picture!!!

Will post tomorrow!!!



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Checkin' in......

Down .4-----170.6 and only 8.6 pounds to go til x-mas vacay. That's 67 days to go. On average, to meet my x-mas challenge goal, I need to lose .9 pounds a week. That's steady weight loss for 9 weeks....CAN I DO THIS???? I've only held a 3-week record on successive losses in this journey. IT WILL BE TOUGH BUT I AM UP FOR IT!!!

My big challenge for the week is EVAN'S B-DAY PARTY on Saturday. I have successfully made his yellow fire truck cake (and I must say it's my best fire truck yet----he had a good idea using his favorite color (yellow or as he says it "YEDDOW")
It looks pretty good ----pats self on back.....I will post pix of it soon.

So eating wise....haven't been too bad. Exercise dept----SUCKS!!! Haven't been on that treadmill in a couple of weeks now. I know this will help me get to my x-mas challenge goal and I just need to make up my mind that I will do it.





Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birthday's come and go....

And then there are more. Like my youngest this weekend (October 7th Evan turns 4!!!)
BTW, Thank you all for the Birthday wishes last week!!!!

We are celebrating Evan's birthday next week (the 13th---give me a break between celebration weekends)

We are planning a BBQ with a few of the families in the neighborhood and Evan is insisting on ONE MORE FIRETRUCK CAKE---I have done 3 already for past birthdays.

So, an update on eating....no too bad. I am down 1 pound since THE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE STARTED. 75 MORE DAYS TIL WE FLY BACK TO INDY!!! I had originally set my goal at 8 pounds....but I am going to try for 10. So with the pound loss from last week...start weight at 172 (now down to 171), I only have... 9 POUNDS TO GO....ONLY 9, YOU CAN DO THIS EVEN THOUGH THIS IS THE HALLOWEEN SEASON!!!!!

When I meet this 9 pound goal, I will be sittin' pretty at 162. I would be estatic, jumpin' round doin' a little dance!!!!! A little Soal train, Dance Fever...Hell put me on Dancin' with the Stars, So you think you can Dance.... (okay maybe not!!!)
Went well off on a tangent there....the visual I put in my brain---SCARY.

So, back to work today and this should be an uneventful week for me....no neighborhood chili cookoffs (last Saturday---no I did not win--sniff sniff, cry cry.)
No b-day celebrations, no halloween candy in the house

All I know...